25% Bonus Points for Transfering Credit Cards for Qantas Flyers

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25 percent Bonus Points for Transfering Credit Cards for Qantas Flyers

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SYDNEY, Australia – Qantas airlines is offering as much as 25% worth of bonus points when for their customers when transferring from credit cards.

It is not surprising to see a couple of bonus transfer ads and promotions throughout the year, which are often tiered and targeted. Now, development is available to all qualified Qantas flyers, which features a lot more value from their other offers.

Qantas airlines recently posted their latest promotional offer, which is both tiered and targeted like most bonus transfer promotions. The new promotion from the airline comes with two different bonuses. Each bonus features an amount depending on the overall number of points that the credit card holder will be transferring.

Compared to other transfer promotions offered before, the new one from Qantas airlines is different. The bonus offer is only available to claim for manual transfer credit cards. Those who have credit cards that transfer points automatically to their frequent flyer accounts wouldn’t be are not qualified for this promotion.

It is necessary to check with the credit card provided if a particular card is qualified to take this offer. However, among the leading and widely used credit cards that can leverage on the new Qantas bonus promo includes the following: both personal and business American Express Centurion Card, American Express Platinum Charge Card, America Express Business Platinum Charge Card, Commbank Awards Credit Card, ANZ Business Rewards Credit Card, Commbank Awards Platinum Credit Card, Commbank Awards Diamond Credit Card, and Suncorp Bank Rewards Credit Card.

The new 25% bonus points offer from Qantas is targeted only. Not everyone will qualify for the transfer bonus, and those who received an email are only the ones who get a chance to take home the bonus if they so choose.

Another catch for this transfer bonus promotion is that the points transfer should be made only until 11:39 pm today, March 31, 2020. The points bonus from the offer isn’t going to appear in the frequent flyer account instantly as well. It will take around 15 days before the points will come through the account.

Further, the points bonus will depend on the number of points transferred. For a transfer for points worth 499,999, the bonus offer rate is 15% only. However, for a transfer of points worth around 500,000, the bonus offer rate would be 25%.

Meanwhile, if the account has received a similar promotion that has been activated in the past 30 days, the offer that holds the higher rate will be the one credited to the frequent flyer account.

Also, after transferring the point to the Qantas frequent flyer account through this bonus points offer, it cannot be reversed.

Aside from the new bonus offer, Qantas also has other existing special offers exclusive to its members.

Qantas currently offers 100,000 worth of bonus worth for their members of Qantas Business Rewards, who will sign up to their BP Plus program until April 30, 2020. Members, however, are required to spend a minimum amount of $150 on fuel every month to qualify for the 10,000 bonus points each month for the first five months. Spending 20,000 liters of fuel using the card also comes with extra 50,000 bonus points. Qantas points go into the account of eligible members four weeks after paying the BP Plus account.

Qantas also currently offers a shopping rewards sale to its frequent Flyer members, but the promo is only until 11:59 pm on March 15, 2020.

American Express Card members can also leverage on the Qantas Ultimate Card offer if they apply online until April 14, 2020. The eligibility for the offer comes if their application is approved and will spend a minimum of $3,000 on qualified purchases using the new card within the three months after the approval date of the card. The offer comes with a 100,000 worth of Qantas points, which will be credited to the Qantas Frequent Flyer account within eight to ten weeks after the promo criteria are approved.

The offer, however, is only for new members of the American Express Card. But aside from the bonus points, the Qantas Ultimate Card offer comes with a travel credit worth $450 for eligible members as well. The Qantas Travel Credit each year is apt for use on choice local and worldwide flights in Qantas airlines when booked and paid online using their American Express Travel website.

The Qantas Ultimate Card also comes with two complimentary lounge passes at the Qantas Club every year after making the first purchase on choice Qantas products and services using the card. It also comes with two entries at the American Express Airport lounge each calendar year, free Qantas Wine Premium Membership, and a complimentary travel insurance for both domestic and international flights when booking for eligible flights using the card.

What’s more, the card also offers 1.25 worth of Qantas Points for every $1 spent on eligible products and services paid for using the card.

Other exclusive offers from Qantas includes a 120,000 worth of Qantas Points for those who will switch to Qantas Health Insurance by April 5, 2020. Compared to other additional funds, Qantas Health Insurance comes with the lowest average premium increase. And aside from the hefty Qantas Points offer, cardholders will also earn one Qantas Point for every $1 spent every month. Plus, it comes with 60%, 65%, and 75% back on Extras when claimed.

Qantas also offers car insurance with as much as 30,000 Qantas Points available after joining before March 31, 2020. More points are available after paying the premium as well.

Based on its official website, Qantas Frequent Flyers can start earning Qantas Points with online sports store Onsport. Qantas Frequent Flyer and Onsport launched their partnership effectively on March 28, 2020. It’s allowing Frequent Flyer members to earn reward points for purchases on eligible products when they link their Frequent Flyer number to their Onsport account. Products include AFL and NRL merchandise, running shoes, activewear, and many others. Qantas Points earned for every purchase on the online store will be credited to their Frequent Flyer account 45 days after making the purchase.

Frequent Flyer Points earned from the current credit cards transfer promo and other programs are for use in purchasing a range of products available through the online Qantas Shopping Rewards Store.

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