AU Plans to Make Google and Facebook Pay News to Media Companies

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AU Plans to Make Google and Facebook Pay News to Media Companies

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SYDNEY, Australia – Australia (AU) aims to impose new guidelines requiring Google (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB) to pay for news content usage from media administrations.

AU plans to enforce new rules for Google and Facebook to pay for using news content, and the officials released a draft regulation that might let publishers negotiate with these two big companies regarding benefits from showing or sharing the articles.

This new policy might permit convinced media outlets to reduce either together or individually with Google and Facebook. It will also let them enter arbitration if the parties can’t settle within three months, as per ACCC or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It will put out the probable legislation.

The process might include a liberated authority searching for agreements from both sides. It will settle the matter in 45 business days.

The regulation will experience a public discussion phase as the next step. Yet, it will be confirmed by the Australian parliament, where representatives will vote on whether to permit it or not.

As per Rod Sims, the chairman in ACCC, there’s an essential negotiating power disparity between the critical virtual platforms and news media ventures. One reason is that news ventures don’t have options but to contract with the policy. Also, these have a small ability to bargain over content payments and other subjects.

The proposal’s result is probably for the world to watch closely. Australian Treasurer named Josh Fryndenberg recognized the worldwide consequence on Friday, July 31. At a press conference, he stated that drafting a breakthrough move would pull the attention of numerous controlling agencies, as well as several governments around the globe.

Fryndenberg claimed that the move of Australia is in front of the globe. However, other countries passed a regulation to attempt and force Facebook and Google to recompense publishers, which is with a restricted affect.

Facebook and Google are the only companies that are part of the new rule. However, there might be added stages in the future as per ACCC.

Both of these internet tycoons formerly downplayed the viable effect of partaking news content. They pointed out the benefits that these outlets get from using Facebook and Google’s platform as well.

Google stated that Australian news publishers earn a net worth of 218 million AUD yearly from billions of clicks. Facebook also noted that the 2.3 billion clicks from the News Feed early this year were free for Australian news organizations.

Google stated that the indirect and direct economic value that the company acquires from the news is nominal. As for Facebook, it said that story doesn’t drive significant long-term profitable value in their business.

Facebook published a statement with 58 pages to respond to the projected regulation in Australia. It argued that while it assists some controlling outline-types to help media organizations and tech companies work jointly.

Facebook also shared that it deposited millions of dollars to assist Australian publishers via COVID-19 relief funds, granting industry sponsorships and programs, and paying publishers unswervingly.

Frydenberg said that they want Facebook and Google to endure to give services to the AU community, yet it has to be in their terms.

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