Aussie Post Worker Buries Undelivered Mails in a Forest

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Aussie Post Worker Buries Undelivered Mails in a Forest

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CAPEL, West Australia – Jodi Caroline Maria Dickason, post worker, steals 3,700 letters, including licenses and credit cards. Letters were from May 2019 to July 2019, and the police discover that she buries half at different homes in a forest in Capel, West Australia. To her defence, she dealt with a breakup during those times, which is why she failed to do her job. Also, the breakup had to involve violence and drug, which her lawyer points out at the court.

A post worker in Capel, West Australia, Jodi Caroline Maria Dickason, stole letters in a total of 3,700. It also comes with notes throughout her working period at Australia Post. Moreover, these undelivered letters are dated May to July 2019. During this mail theft-moment, she underwent a breakup, and it was downtime for her because her breakup involved domestic drugs and violence.

Dickason is 34 years old, and she’s a mother to six children. She pretended surprised and shocked when the police found out that she buried half of these in different houses, which were along with her residence. This report was as per ABS News. Also, someone walking by found half of the outstanding items at the Tuart Forest National Park.

The lost mail that Dickason didn’t deliver involved private identification files, such as Medicare cards, credit cards, and driver licenses. She stated to the police that she was utilising her house as a delivery-halfway point, yet it resulted in mails’ displacement. However, she repudiated opening these undelivered letters even when the police found these in her house.

On Friday, Dickason was at the Bunbury Magistrates Court. She faced the consequence of her action, which is a 12-month sentence in jail. She’s also adjourned for two years.

The court found out that Dickason, the 34-year-old thief, worked for Australia Post, and she transports mail around Capel’s shire for a period.

Ian Macfarlane, the defence lawyer of Dickason, stated to the court that she struggled because of her breakup. It’s not only a typical breakup because it involved drugs and violence.

However, one state prosecutor named Sean Dworcan debated that Dickason should go to prison because she deserves it. She needs to go to jail to face her offences because she affected a lot of organisations.

Aside from that, Dworcan debated that Dickason’s action impaired the trust of the community of Capel. Also, she betrayed her sister and mother.

Magistrate Robert Young from the Bunbury Magistrates Court lined that she was accountable for the email theft. However, they look over her shortage of criminal records. As they consider her account, the court handed down the verdict.

According to Magistrate Young, the community entrusted Dickason to supply the mails. However, this 34-year-old post worker from Australia Post failed in delivering the 3,700 letters that she should’ve been providing. Instead, she kept it and buried it on different houses around her area. The worst part is that some items even reached the local forest.

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