Auto Loans Plus Special Fuel Offers Available for Aussies This Month

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SYDNEY, Australia – Auto loans with additional fuel offers are now available this month for Australians who are looking for car financing with some perks added.

With the ongoing health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, Aussies are more likely to take advantage of the loan deferment offers from banks and lender. According to the previous data published by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, car sales have been failing for over 20 months now. The pandemic didn’t help with the vehicle market as well, with the latest car sales data for March dropping to 18% for new vehicles year-on-year. In the same month the previous year, car sales also fell by 7.8% YoY.

In April, the drop in new car sales declined further, going down to 48.5% %. That is against the recorded number in April last year as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic deepens. There were around 38,926 new vehicles sold in the previous month compared to the total of 75,550 sold that same month in 2019.

However, for Australians who are looking to buy a new car despite the current economy, there are various auto loans products available, with some of them also offering fuel credits.

This kind of offers adds a little bonus for those who are currently in the market to get a vehicle for personal or for business use.

Finance Ezi is one lender that offers car loans with special fuel offers this month. Based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Finance Ezi is one of the top finance companies in the country. Currently, it provides car financing to Australians with a variable interest rate starting from 3.85%. The lender has a comparison rate of 4.94%.

Auto loans from Finance Ezi are available for both new and used cars, as well as a motorcycle. It also allows financing from $10,000 to as much as $250,000 for secured loans. The lender accepts auto loan applications both in their branch or through their online site.

What’s more, Finance Ezi has a special offer this month, a chance to win a fuel gift voucher worth $250. The special offer is open to all borrowers who will enrol for a car loan with the lender.

Another car loan offer with perks this month comes from The website is one of the country’s leading online provider for everything about financing, for homes, business, and vehicles, among others. is under Firstmac Limited, its parent company and the biggest non-bank lender in the country since 2017.

For this month, is now offering borrowers a chance to get a fuel gift voucher worth $1000 for those who will enrol in their select auto loans. It will be available for all auto finance applicants who will settle their car loans with until November.  At the moment, the lender has an advertised fixed interest rate of 3.97% and a comparison rate of 4.51% for its green car financing. is currently offering one of the cheapest car loan rates in the country right now. For its auto financing for new and used cars, the lender provides a 4.67% interest rate.

Borrowers can get car financing worth between $5,000 up to as much as $100,000 from, which is available for both new and used vehicles.

The lender only accepts applications for their car loans and other financings online. One of the select car loans from that offers a chance to get the $1000 worth of fuel bonus is its Green Car Loan. The financing is for buying fuel-efficient, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

Aside from special fuel offers available right now, some lenders are offering low-interest rates for those buying a new car. This kind of loan products and perks can provide a level of savings for Australians who are looking to get a new vehicle.

The Australian Military Bank, for one, offers a low-interest rate for their auto loans. Aussies can take advantage of the lender’s tailored variable rates. It will get the basis on the credit history of every borrower. Auto loans settled with the Australian Military Bank can have an interest rate of as low as 3.60% with a comparison rate of 4.51%.

The loan amount that the Australia Military Bank supports is from as low as $4,000 to as much as $80,000. It is available for both new and used vehicles, as well as boats and motorcycles. The lender offers a secured loan type with no early repayment fees and available redraw facility. Aussie borrowers can apply for car loans at the Australia Military Bank in their branch or online.

Other low-interest rates for auto loans for new vehicles in the country at the moment includes Beyond Bank at 5.29%, IMB Bank at 5.45%, and Commonwealth Bank at 6.99%. For used cars, other low interest fixed rates are from Heritage Bank at 5.99%, Bank Australia at 6.45%, and from Commonwealth Bank at 6.99%.

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