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If you are a small business owner, it is significant to have all your business bank accounts in the correct place. After all, properly establishing suitable business banking solutions for your enterprise can make all the positive difference. At, we help you compare a range of business bank accounts, including transaction accounts, savings accounts, fees, and rates. Our online resources are easily accessible with merely one click of your mouse button. As a comparison website, we can assist you whether you have decided that it is time for a financial refresh by changing banking service providers, or if you are in the process of establishing a new venture.

Moreover, here at, we have a comparison table that lets you tell apart more than 60 different bank accounts for businesses in our database. Hence, it is much faster and easier for you to search for the ideal match for your enterprise. If you need more pertinent information, we offer tools, guides, and calculators that help our partners like you determine the most rewarding avenue for your financial plan, too. Our services provide you with the freedom and flexibility to define the features you desire. Plus, we enable you to decide on your terms, and not according to those of your financial service provider’s. Therefore, sit back and allow us to help you with your search!

Explaining the Concept and Benefits of Bank Accounts for Businesses

If you are a new entrepreneur, you may need to learn about the significance of having a business bank account. This type of business finance product is a system that helps an entrepreneur manage the money of his business. Furthermore, the bank account for enterprises tracks the establishment’s cash balance, cash owed to creditors and the business, and the payroll that the company’s workers receive. We advise that you avail a bank account for your enterprise. It is because it is not common for owners of small businesses to utilise their bank accounts set up for their personal use. Also, take a look at these benefits of opening a dedicated bank account for your company:

You can segregate the financial statements relating to your personal life and business.

When scrolling through the credits and debits in your bank account, it is quite challenging to look for an individual transaction. You may find it hard to look at when the enterprise’s sales flowed out and in as well. Thus, plenty of entrepreneurs opt to separate their finances. They perform this favourable measure by opening a business bank account, which assists them in dividing their funds and typically comes with special conditions.

You can assist your accountant during tax season.

Having a bank account exclusively for your enterprise makes things much easier for your accounting chief, especially during tax time. It is because your accountant will not feel confused regarding which financial account is for the business and which one is for your personal use.

You get to transact with your clients more professionally.

With a business bank account, your business name gets displayed on your invoices sent to your customers, instead of your name and the information on your bank account set up for personal use. Also, your establishment can forgo an account number and bank state branch or BSB altogether with the creation of the PayID and New Payments Platform. For your enterprise to receive payments, you will instead utilise an Australian Business Number or ABN, Australian Company Number or ACN, e-mail addresses, or smartphone number as your PayID.

As you can see, a business bank account gives plenty of benefits to your enterprise, besides being a place to withdraw and safe-keep funds. When availing this type of business banking product, also remember that there are many associated features and costs that you may need to assess before signing up. They include payment options, transaction limits, account fees, banking application, and overseas cost. You can contact us if you need more relevant details.

Frequently asked questions

Is it advisable for me to search for a bank account for a business that features an interest rate?

We must inform you that the majority of bank accounts for enterprises do not come with an interest rate. Also, those that do tend to offer rates that are not going to amaze you. Hence, you would likely feel better off searching for a business savings account, instead of looking high and low for an account with an interest rate north of zero per cent. At, we make that procedure easy to perform because you will be able to begin your research for a more lavish interest rate. We allow you to tell apart more than 40 different accounts via our comparison table for business savings accounts.

What are the requirements in opening a bank account for business?

After you have discovered a bank account that fits your enterprise, the next thing that you can do is to apply for it. You may visit your bank’s local branch to perform your application, or you can conduct it online. Do not forget these essential items:

a) Personal identification, like your birth certificate, driver’s licence, and Australian passport; and

b) Your registered trading name, your Australian Company Number or ACN, or your Australian Business Number or ABN.

Is it a good idea to utilise my personal bank account for my enterprise?

Yes, indeed, you can use your own bank account for your business. Also, if you are interested in changing, we at have a dedicated bank account comparison centre. This hub features 90 different personal bank accounts for you to tell apart. Nonetheless, as we have advised you, it may be advantageous for you and your enterprise if you opt to open a business bank account. It is because of the various reasons like making things more effortless for yourself and your accountant during tax time. Plus, you can partition your business and personal finances.

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