BlackBerry is a brand of cell phone that is not widely spoken about. In fact, it has been several years since BlackBerry devices were in the hands of every second mobile phone user and they were the most sought-after devices.

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So, what has happened and is BlackBerry still around? The short answer is yes! Blackberry is still alive and well but it unfortunately does not enjoy the notoriety that it did just over a decade ago.

Unlike its former popularity, the BlackBerry brand is now considered “niche” and there is a very small market of consumers who remain loyal to it.

BlackBerry has, over the past few years, undergone dramatic changes in its business and operations. While the brand is still owned by BlackBerry Limited, it has shrunk somewhat and does not build its own hardware anymore. Its name has also now been licensed to its partners (i.e. TCL and the Indian Optiemus Infracom).

Is BlackBerry still making cell phones?

Yes, BlackBerry is definitely still making cell phones, but not in the same way that it has done in the past.

BlackBerry mobile phones are now designed, built and advertised by their partners, while the BlackBerry company itself is now responsible only for creating its software and ensuring that there are new security updates for all its devices.

BlackBerry now certainly has a much smaller slice of the cell phone market. That being said, they had a profitable year in 2018 and TCL went on the successfully release the Key2 and Key2 LE, which replaced the former BlackBerry KeyOne model.

This release was met with much delight by fans and prompted Optiemus Infracom to decide to go ahead with their expansion into the Indian market with the  Evolve and Evolve X models.

Although 2018 was viewed as a step in the right direction for the BlackBerry brand, critics felt that they needed to gain more traction, into more markets.

The major reason for the cautious optimism around the BlackBerry brand over the past decade is their failure to respond to Apple’s iPhone launch back in 2007. At this time, there was also a lack of development on the BlackBerry platform while Samsung and Apple were creating apps for their touchscreen devices.

That being said, BlackBerry is still able to assist its users in terms of the most basic support but with the BlackBerry App Store set to close its doors in December 2019, this has created a further decrease in sales. Many consumers also criticized the company’s decision to shut down their Playbook Video and Travel site in 2018, which has certainly not helped.

Will BlackBerry release a new phone in 2019?

No, BlackBerry will not be releasing a new phone in 2019.

This is the first year since 2003 (when it released the iconic BlackBerry 6230) that the company has not released a new phone. Even in recent years, which saw a big decline in sales, BlackBerry released new models but 2019 is different.

Some BlackBerry critics feel that this is a sign that TCL believes it is no longer cost-effective to sell BlackBerry devices, but this remains to be seen and many fans are adamant that they will release the Key3 model in 2020.

What is the latest BlackBerry phone?

The latest BlackBerry phone is the Key2 LE model.

This phone was released in August of 2018 and boasts several attractive features, such as a large, 4-inch touchscreen, and a display resolution of 1080 pixels x 1620 pixels, with a PPI of 434 pixels per inch.

Is BlackBerry still alive?

Yes, BlackBerry is very much alive and well!

As mentioned above, the brand is not as popular as it once was but there are still BlackBerry devices on the market that cater to a niche market.

One of the main differences of the brand now, as opposed to previously, is that they no longer manufacture their own hardware and this is now outsourced by TCL.

The new hardware is very similar to Android and is viewed as the most secure form of Android- a definite feather in BlackBerry’s cap.

Is BlackBerry a good phone?

Yes, in 2019 Blackberry is still considered as a very high quality phone by many users. 

The brand’s KeyOne and Key2 devices are great in terms of productivity and feature the signature BlackBerry keyboard that cell phone users either love or hate.

If you are looking for a cell phone that is top when it comes to productivity, then the Key series is definitely for you. These phones boast an impressive 3:2 display ratio and their resolution (and other attractive specifications) ensure that it is a solid contender in the world of smartphones.

Many new KeyOne and Key3 users complain about the physical keyboard and square-shaped screen as this is in sharp contrast to that of an Apple or Samsung phone. However, it only takes a short while to get used to the BlackBerry set up.

With its Android functionality, the Key2 has exceptional hardware and has all the modern attributes that you would come to expect from a top-of-the-range cell phone: intuitive predictive typing features, great touchscreen navigation, a built-in and highly accurate fingerprint reader, as well as a fantastic 12 MP camera (front and back facing). The only downside is the 4.5 inch display but the Key2’s impressive battery life more than makes up for this.

Are BlackBerry phones obsolete?

Not at all!

Although BlackBerry’s hey day as a mainstream smartphone appears to have come and gone, BlackBerry phones are certainly not obsolete by any stretch of the imagination and can still be found in the majority of cell phone stores today.

Many folks believe that BlackBerry will be making a comeback in the years to come as there have been some surprising developments in the company in recent years. The main development has been their shift in focus, from a purely cell phone producing business to a software and services company. With their innovative QNX system, they have seen a growth of around 7% in their software and services offerings, in addition to an overall growth of 15% last year.

Is BlackBerry key2 worth buying?

Yes, the Key2 is worth buying for many reasons.

First of all, the Key2 has an excellent battery life, which many consider to be far superior to that of the average iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. If battery life is a major concern of yours when buying a cell phone, then the Key2 will not let you down.

The physical keyboard is another attractive feature if you find yourself struggling with touch screens and the phone itself runs on the highly popular Android operating system.

The BlackBerry key2 is also very well built and is possibly their best model yet. You will also enjoy the additional layer of security that the iconic BlackBerry software provides, as well as the free of charge apps that come with the phone (BlackBerry HUB being the most useful).

What’s special about BlackBerry phones?

There are two main factors that make BlackBerry phones special and unique.

The first factor is their highly developed and one-of-a-kind server technology which helps the phone to perform better when it comes to its email and phone systems. The way that this is configured offers a greater level of phone security than what you would expect from an iPhone or Samsung smartphone. It is therefore no surprise that the very first smartphone that a US president owned was a BlackBerry, in the case of Barack Obama.

The BlackBerry 1o operating system ensures that your applications work optimally.

Secondly, the iconic BlackBerry keyboard is a feature unique to only BlackBerry devices. These keyboards work extremely well and if you are dead-set against them, you could always opt for the BlackBerry 10 model which features a touch screen keyboard as well. The BlackBerry touch screen keyboard is very user-friendly as it boasts wide, blank areas between the rows of the keys for easier typing. Still don’t like the touch screen configuration? Well,the BlackBerry 10 allows you to adjust it!

Owning a BlackBerry phone means that you can use it optimally for both personal and professional use. The phone can be set on “work” mode by your employer which allows you access only to work-related content and data. When set on “personal”, you can use it however you wish.

Is the BlackBerry key2 worth it?

Yes, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

The BlackBerry Key2 model is considered as a premium product and is very well built. The average cost of a Key2 is only $650 which, when compared to other cell phones of the same caliber on the market, makes it a veritable bargain!

This cell phone’s components are very high quality and are extremely well-engineered and you also benefit from the easy-to-use Android operating system.

If you can get around the physical keyboard, you will love the Key2 and its long-lasting battery life.

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