is the official website of the Bureau of Meteorology of the Government of Australia. It includes weather information and various services such discussed below.

What specialised services does provide? gives weather updates and forecasts for all the provinces of Australia, for Antarctica, and for the whole world. It also gives weather updates and forecasts for all the major Australian cities. There are other services besides weather information.

Agriculture Services include an integrated suite of information and forecasts about rainfall, cloud formation, pressure, temperature, humidity, evaporation and other weather factors for people and companies in primary production and natural resource management. This is in the form of long-term outlook, short term outlook, recent weather and averages. 

Aviation Weather Services provide civil aviation users with weather information that they need for safe and efficient operations. This includes observations, forecasts, advisories and warnings within the technical regulatory framework of the World Meteorological Organisation and the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Long-range Weather and Climate provides clients with weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall and event summaries and a history of Australian rainfall. It also provides reports for extreme and record weather events, climate change reports and maps of recent and average weather conditions.

The Water Information Services Program provides water information for the whole of Australia. Because water is a huge challenge for the nation, the Bureau of Meteorology monitors, assesses and forecasts the availability of water, its condition and its use. It compiles and disseminates comprehensive water information throughout the nation. also has Marine and Ocean information services for use by shipping, fishing, and sailing companies, and individuals using the sea and beaches for leisure. Information includes marine wind maps, tide predictions, sea temperature and currents, high seas forecasts, seasonal ocean temperature outlook, port air pressure and marine lite. also contains a wide variety of environmental data for the public sector clients, businesses and individuals. 

There is a News and Events section that contains the latest news on weather occurrences and environment. It also contains the Bureau’s annual report and service announcements.

There is a section for specialised services. There is information and downloadable publications on the latest monitoring, science and projection of the Australian climate. This includes observed changes and regional projections and impacts. Another specialised service is research and development information on weather, water, environment, ocean and climate. VMO activities is another specialised service where information from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), in terms of scientific activities and standards, is shared. Business and Public Sector Solutions include research, observations and forecasts, partnership opportunities, and external investments done together with state and local governments, defence, gas, oil and mining companies, primary producers, industry, trade and commerce. Defence services information is available to all defence forces and not available to the public. The last specialized service is the Space Weather Services which shares the weather changes happening in the space environment.

Who owns is owned by the Bureau of Meteorology which in turn is owned by the Federal Government of Australia. Its headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia. 

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