COVID-19 in Victoria Places Melbourne to a Stage 4-Lockdown

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COVID 19 in Victoria Places Melbourne to a Stage 4 Lockdown

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MELBOURNE, Victoria – Victoria experiences the second wave of the Coronavirus, leading Melbourne to a stage 4 lockdown, which includes a night curfew for six weeks.

Melbourne will undergo a lockdown, which is a strict stage 4 for six weeks, and it will start on August 2. The lockdown was due to the struggles of Victoria in controlling the shocking wave of COVID-19 infections.

Premier Daniel Andrews shared the declaration on Sunday, which ended the speculation on the unavoidable movement of the state to rougher restrictions.

Andrews announced that Melbourne is a “state of disaster,” and it began at six o’clock in the evening. The lockdown will provide authorities far-reaching powers, including a curfew during night time for Greater Melbourne, starting from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

Regional Victoria will undergo stage 3 limits, which will be on August 5 at midnight. The purpose is to provide four objectives to leave the house. People can go when they seek medical care, buy groceries, or provide care. Also, if they are studying or working, if it’s not possible to do it remotely.

As per Andrews, All the changes’ reasons are to limit movement. These will restrict the number of people who contact others.

Victoria has over 6,000 active COVID-19 cases, and today, the record shows another 671 new virus-infections, including seven deaths.

With the stage 4-level of lockdown for Melbourne, they will restrict suburbs, and authorities will only allow them to leave the house when necessary. It will come with an essential boost on the regulator to prohibit activities.

One person can leave the house for groceries daily. Also, people can’t travel over five kilometres from their home. As for recreational activities, these are not possible as well, where exercising will not be over an hour, it should be close to your house, and it must be allowable. Plus, no groups larger than two are not permissible.

All students from schools around Victoria will go back to digital learning from Wednesday, August 5. On August 4, there will be a student-free day around the area. Hence, August 3, Monday, will be the last day of typical schooling.

There will be a reduction in public transportation in Melbourne during restriction hours, where the whole Night Network is on suspension.

Weddings are also not permissible starting on Wednesday.

Andrews will declare further limitations on offices in Melbourne. However, he said that essential services would endure. According to him, some will need to lessen their workload, while some can sustain the work. Then, others will close the job, like how ventures transitioned to working from home.

Andrews added that he would have more announcements by Monday, August 3, and it will be regarding other industries. He said that they want to make sure all people in supermarkets, beverage, food, and groceries will have no impact on his declaration.

Police and health regulators resisted with people breaking self-isolation necessities despite hundreds of people who resulted positive for COVID-19.

Andrews also stated that face coverings would endure being necessary, which is the safest way probable.

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