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With operations in 30 countries, eBay Inc. is an online auction and shopping website where a variety of goods and services are available worldwide. Sellers have a limited number of free listings, thereafter they have to pay a fee and also pay one when an item is sold. Buyers don’t get charged anything. 

Initially, collectibles were the main items to be sold on the website, but the company soon grew to include classifieds, shopping, air tickets and money transfers (PayPal was a subsidiary of the company from 2002 to 2015). 

Who is the founder of ebay.com? 

On September 3, 1995, Pierre Omidyar started the first online auction site where people could buy or sell on a personal level. The French born Omidyar is a computer programmer that is part Iranian and part American. The first auction to take place on the site, known as AuctionWeb, was a broken laser pointer that sold to a collector for $14, 83, much to the astonishment of Omidyar.

Since the site was started as a hobby, the founder hadn’t registered it as a business, but was soon forced to do so because of the huge volume of sales. 

In its first year the company had 200,000 auctions, whereas on the first month of 2017 it hosted 2,000,000 auctions. In September 1997, the domain eBay.com was registered on the site that originally belonged to the owner’s consulting firm. In the same year the company also received its first venture capital funding and went public in September 1998. On the first day of trading the target share price of $18 jumped to $53. 

Where is the headquarters of eBay.com.au

The American headquarters of eBay are at 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California. In Australia they are to be found at 45 Market Street, Sydney. 

With its worldwide expansion which started in 2008, the company has millions of registered users. As of 2018 it had 14,000 employees and revenue of $10.746 million. 

Even though eBay sells a lot of unusual items, two previous undiscovered species included, they do have a list of forbidden items that either apply to restrictions set by the company (drugs, alcohol, child pornography,  and tobacco are some) or local restrictions in countries or regions (Nazi paraphernalia, in Europe). 

Ebay, like other tech companies, often faces criticism and other concerns. Over the years these have included intellectual property violations, fraud concerns about its payment system, and it has been criticized for paying fewer taxes than it should in the UK, where it only paid £1.2 million in 2012 for an income of £ 800 million income. The company has also had a security breach in 2014 and users were advised to change passwords. 

Initially, all listings in Australia and the UK had to only accept PayPal and concerns were expressed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission; this led eBay.com.au to review the policy of their website and PayPal is now offered as an option. 

EBay is a company with environmental concerns and they have incorporated these into projects including their building, and a project run in Oregon to promote local job growth and slow carbon pollution. 

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