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    Stressed Due to Rising Energy Bills? We Can Help You Save Money!

    Reading your energy bill every month could cause you a lot of stress. It is because you may discover that you are paying too much for these charges, which is surely against your favour. But did you know that there is a way out of these kinds of unnecessary and unwarranted inconveniences? Here at, we deliver our best to assist you in saving your hard-earned money when it comes to settling your energy bills.

    We are a comparison website that makes energy services differentiation simplified. You will surely find that better deal through exploring the contents of our portal. So, if you wish to wake up to much a better day, then, read on. You will soon realise that paying too much for your electricity bills is all a thing of the past!

    Why Should You Choose’s Service?

    When it comes to financial comparison, is a pioneer. Since 2008, we have possessed trusted expertise that millions of Australian residents utilise yearly. Moreover, we compare and allow you to conduct a comparison check from over ten leading brands and more than 160 energy plans from significant electricity and gas providers here in Australia. These companies include Simply Energy, Origin Energy, EnergyAustralia, OVO Energy, Tango Energy, and Alinta Energy. Furthermore, we differentiate the plans that Commander, EnergyLocals,  ActewAGL, 1st Energy, Powershop, Dodo, and Next BUsiness Energy offer.

    Also, here at, we can help you via our offerings of electricity-saving tips, guides, and gas and electricity plan comparison tools, such as our Energy Cost Cruncher Calculator. In merely a matter of a few minutes, we can aid you in telling apart electricity prices in the simplest way. In this manner, you will discover how you could save your hard-earned funds and change service providers and deals in your locale easily.

    Using our service is easy. You do not have to take your time speaking to a representative because we are 100-per cent digital. All you need to perform is merely key in your postcode, and some information about your household energy usage and size. Then, according to your preferences and consumption patterns, we can assist you in searching for an affordable and better choice of energy plan in your location, and comparing deals. Also, to help you save more of your money and time, we will even inform your previous service provider that you are making the change.

    You do not need to worry because aside from the easy online registration, we will never bother you with hidden fees. Yes, our service is completely free of charge, and we stay transparent throughout each step of the comparison process

    Frequently asked questions

    How do you explain Australian consumers' energy bills?

    A combination of elements affects the cost of your energy that you need to settle every month. They comprise your plan choice, place of residence, usage charges, home appliances, and electricity usage habits. We should remind you that the prices of electricity and gas vary by region. Also, energy service providers frequently alter their plans and pricing.

    I want to change my energy service provider. Have I got plenty of options?

    By informing us where you are from, we, at, can aid you in looking up which service providers in our database serve your location. Furthermore, when switching providers, the precise number of energy firms that you could select from depends on your residential address because diverse companies deliver their services across Australia.

    What are some of the best techniques that can help me save money on rising electricity bills?

    Among the optimal ways that can help you save your hard-earned funds on skyrocketing energy bills is to compare plans and service providers. It is highly likely that you will discover a much better deal Australia-wide if you have never tell apart from your service provider with another before. Also, these measures are helpful:

    1. At night, use the washing machine or dishwasher instead of during the daytime.
    2. Take advantage of off-peak times when energy rates are low.
    3. Ensure that the doors and windows of your home are well-insulated.
    4. Keep air conditioners and heaters at moderate temperatures.
    5. Add curtains or blinds to your windows.
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