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Planning to Change Electricity Service Provider? We Can Assist You!

Looking at your sky-high electricity bills monthly would surely make you want to change your service provider. It is because you may think that it would be better if the company serving you does not cause the inconvenience of draining your hard-earned funds. If you believe that these leading energy companies are charging you too much for their service, then, it is about time you seek help to switch. Here at, we can help you. We offer advice to consumers who want to save their hard-earned money and do not want to pay high electricity bills. Moreover, we can assist you if you are relocating, would want to change energy plans, or compare service providers.

As a comparison portal, we have designed a simplified energy comparison service. Hence, you will be able to change service providers that offer an affordable electricity plan and enable you to save more of your hard-earned funds. looks at energy plans presently available for new clients, too. Moreover, you do not have to worry about getting your precious time squandered because our energy comparison service is 100-per cent online. All you need to perform is to give us a few pieces of information regarding your home. Then, our energy comparison technology will carry out the rest. You will receive an instant list of results that demonstrate a range of cost estimates, electricity service providers, and energy plans in your locale. So read on to learn more about how we could be the best of service to you! Covers Energy Plans All Over Australia

If you are wondering if we cover electricity plans in each of the states of Australia, we wish to inform you that, yes, we do. If your place of residence is a territory or state that has a deregulated energy market like Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Canberra, South East Queensland, and South Australia, then, you will be able to utilise our service today. You can compare residential energy plans and keep more of your hard-earned funds. Furthermore, we tell apart electricity service providers in areas where there is no deregulated market. These locations consist of regional Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia. Plus, we want to inform you that the particular number of electricity companies we compare depends on the site of your residential property because various providers deliver their services in diverse locations nationwide.

Selecting the Most Optimal Energy Plan for Your Household

When you are searching for the most optimal electricity deal for your house, you first need to comprehend the type of energy plan your residential property requires. If you have your most recent electric bill with you, you can search, analyse, and compare electricity offerings. It is because your invoice will provide you with an idea to what stage of usage we could categorise your home. From this level, you will be able to tell quotes apart from various electricity service providers, determining which deal is the most recommended for your house. Also, when you compare energy plans to discover the perfect arrangement for your property, these factors are what you have to consider:

Metre Read and Manual Connection Fees

These fees are few of the charges that you may encounter when you transfer to another residential area to get your home set up. Make sure that you take the time to be aware of the particular conditions, limitations, and terms of the electricity agreement. Plus, attempt to minimise fees anywhere you can.

Lock-In Contracts and Exit Fees

Plenty of electricity service providers will not charge an exit fee if you have made your decision to terminate your deal. Also, many of these retailers will not make you pay such fine if you lock into a contract for a specified time. Selecting a plan like this means you are free to end the energy deal if you find a better one.

Everyday Supply and Usage Fee

You will need to guarantee that you are telling apart options within your distribution area when you compare the daily supply charge. Moreover, it is significant for you to compare usage fees between retailers. It is because, the higher the rate, the more that you would pay for your energy consumption.

 Positive Feedback from Customers

You can discover the nature of an energy retailer by reading reviews about past customer experiences. These comments discuss how respectable the electricity service provider is and how well they handle customer queries and concerns. Here at, we have a People’s Choice Awards which tell the nature of an outstanding energy company. As you can see, we can help you find the best energy plan by encouraging you to use our comparison service. Do not think twice of reaching out to us if you wish to find out more!

Frequently asked questions

I rent my condominium unit. Can I change my energy plan?

Is the electricity bill in your name? If your response is “yes,” then you have the prerogative to select which energy service provider and plan you would want to avail. However, if your landlord settles the energy bill or your rent includes the electric utility charge, then, you will not be able to change your electric plan. If you wish for a more detailed explanation, then, you may read our informative guide for renters to changing energy plans.

I am relocating to another area, and I do not have a recent energy bill. Is it still possible for me to find out the best plan?

You do not have to worry if you are going to transfer to another location. We can still provide you with an appraisal or costing of the most affordable electricity plans for the size of your household. Also, we can give you an assessment of whether you are eligible for conditional offers, such as pay-on-time markdowns. All you need to perform is key in the suburb or postcode of where you will transfer to, and then, you can begin comparing inexpensive energy deals.

Can purchasing gas and electricity from the same service provider help me save more money?

Price cuts and convenience are two of the benefits for plenty of Australian households if they avail both gas and energy from the same service provider. This setup is also known as “dual fuel” energy plan. However, are you aware that choosing a program like this may not be an inexpensive choice?

We recommend that you compare gas and electricity plans separately before registering for a dual fuel offering. It is because you might discover that the most optimal program for both services comes from different companies. Moreover, it is significant to consider which deal will provide you with long-term value, and to look beyond attractive introductory offers.

Our comparison tool will aid you in telling apart gas and electric choices for dual-fuel homes. If you choose a similar company for both services, our results will show costing options. Otherwise, we can present choices if you want to cherry-pick your electricity and gas service provider unconnectedly.

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