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Need Help in Availing Right Renewable Energy Plan? Consult Us Now!

Have you selected your electricity plan by basing it on renewable energy generation? Are you shopping for a plan that is suitable for you? Then, allow us to be of service to you. Here at, we compare renewable energy plans. As a comparison portal, we aim to assist in choosing which deal is the most appropriate for your situation.

Our database includes the leading energy service providers that offer the choice to source your energy from renewable sources, such as hydropower, solar energy, and wind power. Moreover, for every energy plan, our comparison results will inform you in detail what percentage of energy comes from renewable sources. Plus, we offer a clear explanation of how and which plan you should select. Hence, read on to know more!

Solar Panels and Energy Plans Information and Comparison Services

Since we have customers who possess solar panels already installed in their homes, we want to inform you that we also compare the prices of solar energy plans. We can provide you with relevant information regarding the deals that permit solar power generation. However, our cost computations will not comprise any feed-in tariff refunds or rebates. Therefore, if you are among our clients who own solar panels, you will have to calculate the costs independently.

Furthermore, at this time, we can aid you regarding how much money you can save if you want to install new solar panels in your house. We recommend that you take a look at the portal of the Clean Energy Council as well. This website features a guide to purchasing and installing the solar panels, and it is an online resource that is free of charge.

Energy Sourced from Renewable Origins Explained

If you have encountered the concept of renewable energy in the past, but want more clarification, it is our business to keep our clients well-informed. Natural resources that do not deplete when people use them are the sources that produce this kind of power. In Australia and around the globe, renewable energy is the preferred energy choice for the future. It is due to its nature of never running out, compared to fossil fuels, such as coal. Furthermore, the energy sourced from renewable resources is eco-friendly. They do not contribute to the emissions of the harmful carbon dioxide to the atmosphere of the Earth. Hence, they do not impact the world’s climate negatively. Among the examples of renewable energy is hydropower or hydroelectricity, which is the oldest. Meanwhile, the most famous is solar power, and nowadays, the utilisation of wind energy is gaining ground. Renewable technologies are becoming widespread, too, and they harness ocean and geothermal power to produce electricity and heat.

Frequently asked questions

How does solar power help households?

Solar energy works by generating heat or sunlight from the sun. It is the typical kind of renewable energy captured via the employment of panels installed on the roofs of commercial and residential buildings. Solar power gets converted into electricity. People utilise it when heating water or air, and to power batteries, business establishments, and homes.

What are the other methods on how people can harness solar power?

As of 2020, over two million households in Australia have a solar panel system on their rooftops. They use these materials to generate power. Aside from this mode of electricity generation, people can utilise solar energy in plenty of other ways. They include wearables, hot water systems, air conditioners, advertising displays, school buses, private cars, security cameras, and smartphone chargers, among plenty of others.

Will I be able to save more of my hard-earned money with solar energy?

If you had already installed a solar energy system in your residential property, your decision does not promise that you can expect lower electric bills next. It is because you have to consider some factors such as:

A) How much sunlight or heat the panel gets;

B) Whether you need to pay for a new metre;

C) The dimension of the solar energy system;

D) The energy plan you sign up for; and

E) How much electricity you consumed and the time when.

Nevertheless, you may be thinking about saving and sustaining the environment for the succeeding generations. Therefore, ultimately deciding to opt for renewable energy like solar power would not be an inconvenience for you at all, regardless of your electric bills’ cost.

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