Go Mastercard: A Complete Overview with Tips

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Find out all about the special card that offers a rewards program known as Go Rewards. You earn one point for every $1 spent. Every time you shop through partner stores, such as Harvey Norman and Domayne, you earn reward points. Redeem the points for merchandise and gift cards!

Find the Perfect Credit Card for You

Did you know that Australians waste millions each year on unnecessary credit card charges? By comparing the most up to date offers and switching to another provider, you can start saving today!

Are you looking for a convenient everyday credit card that offers flexibility in payments? Then Go Mastercard is might just be the option you’re looking for. There are of course many other cards you can snuffle out here at Mate.com.au – but let’s look at Go Mastercard:

What is “Go Mastercard?” 

Basically, Go Mastercard is a credit card offered by Latitude Financial Services, a consumer finance company with operations in Australia and New Zealand. The company also offers other services, such as credit cards, car loans, personal loans, personal insurance, and retail finance.

Inasmuch as it’s a great card, you still have to know the details to determine if it will work for you.


First, the card has a cash limit, which you can check in the Online Service Centre. You can also view it on your account statements. It’s also important to note that there are daily withdrawal limits when using the card.

It offers a rewards program known as Go Rewards, and you earn one point for every $1 spent. Every time you shop through partner stores, such as Harvey Norman and Domayne, you earn reward points. You can redeem the points for merchandise and gift cards.

Go Mastercard also has three interest-free payment plans. With the first plan, you can get a 0 percent p.a. Interest period starting from six months, if you manage to make your minimum monthly repayments.

The second plan is the installment interest-free plan, which allows you to pay purchases interest-free as long as you make equal monthly repayments over a given period. However, this plan is only available at selected retailers during certain promotional periods.

Another plan is the Buy Now, Pay Later option, which allows you to pay for purchases without upfront payment ore monthly repayments. As long as you make the payments before the due date, you won’t be charged any interest.

With the card, you’re guaranteed of security thanks to CHIP technology, fraud protection, and Mastercard SecureCode, which protects you when shopping online. It also comes with insurance, but this feature is not available to new card applicants, as of October 2019.

Interest Rates and Fees

Regarding the rates and fees, the card has an interest rate of 22.74 percent on all outstanding credit card purchases. For all cash advances, purchases, and BPAY where credit isn’t accepted, the cash interest rate is 25.90 percent.

When establishing your account, you’ll have to pay a one-off fee of $25.00. The good thing is that there is no annual fee. If your account balance is more than $10, you’ll pay an account servicing fee of $5.95 every month.

If you need to replace your card, you don’t have to pay for anything. The service is free. However, if you need to view paper statements, there is a $2.50 fee for each paper statement sent to you. You can avoid this fee by viewing your statements online through the Online Service Centre.

Failure to pay your monthly repayments by the due date attracts a late fee of $30.00. If you withdraw cash with your Go Mastercard, the fee is 3 percent or $3.00, whichever is greater. Transferring money to any bank account also has a fee of 3 percent or $3, with a maximum of $30 per transaction.

For those who travel overseas, the fee of withdrawing money while in other countries is $4 in addition to the cash advance fee of 3 percent of $3. For over-the-counter transactions while abroad, the fee is $5 in addition to the cash advance fee. For card purchases, the fee is 3 percent on all purchases.

Go Mastercard also has a payment handling fee of $2.50 when made in person or $0.95 when made online. You can avoid this fee by making payments via mail or direct debit.

Using Your Card

You can make the most of your card, take advantage of interest-free days, and avoid late repayments when you understand how to use it. Knowing upfront how the card is going to benefit your daily use is important. Here are some common questions about the card:

Can I Use Go Mastercard Anywhere?

You can use the card anywhere in Australia or outside the country while traveling or making online purchases. You just need to be aware of the fees of using the card outside the country. Withdrawing cash from the card while abroad will cost you $4 plus the cash advance fee of 3 percent or $3.

Can I Withdraw Money from GO Mastercard?

Yes. You can definitely withdraw money from your Go Mastercard from any ATM that accepts Mastercard. The cost of doing this is 3 percent or $3 while in Australia. While abroad, the fee is $4 plus the cash advance fee for ATM withdrawals. Over-the-counter withdrawals have a fee of $5 plus the cash advance fee.

How Do I Pay My Go Mastercard?

You can pay for the card via mail, direct debit or via the Online Service Centre. If you use direct debit, always ensure there is enough money in your account for making scheduled repayments. Also, be sure to note that some payment options, such as personal cheques and BPAY, take about 3 to 5 days to be processed.

How to Apply for It

You can apply for Go Mastercard online is less than 10 minutes and get a response within a second. Before you get started, ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements. You should also have the essential documents and details.

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent citizen, and you should be at least 18 years old. For temporary citizens, you can apply for the card as long as your visa has at least 12 months remaining. The required information includes driver’s license, passport, income details, and employer’s details.

If you get approved, you’ll get the card within 5 to 10 working days. But you can start shopping with your account number right away.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a no annual fee credit card, Go Mastercard from Latitude Financial Services is an option worth considering. With great interest-free plans, you can find ways to make the most of the card.

Take the time to review the features of the card and understand its conditions before you apply. Most importantly, compare it to other options to find a card that offers the most value.

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