“Kill Bills!” Author Aids Aussie Consumers Become Budget Downsizers

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"Kill Bills!" Author Aids Aussie Consumers Become Budget Downsizers

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In late 2019, the Australian Taxation Office released figures which suggested that service providers in Australia reportedly overcharge consumers by over $400 million on household bills. Personal finance experts view this scenario as giving the people household bill shock, which they believe is adequate to place any person on edge. However, plenty of Australians choose not to speak up about settling their skyrocketing household outlays, and would instead toe the line.

Joel Gibson is well aware of this inconvenient scenario for plenty of people in the nation. In November 2019, his publication titled, “Kill Bills!: The 9 Insider Tricks You’ll Need to Win the War on Household Bills” hit bookstore shelves. Gibson wants consumers to conquer their credit card debts and ditch their other financial obligations. His money-saving guide is profuse with helpful personal finance advice that people need to be triumphant on their struggles against their rising household bills. Gibson also offered some personal finance tips to Australians in the early part of 2020 as a way to overcome their financial worries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Joel Gibson and His 2019 Personal Finance Publication

Joel Gibson previously worked at the Sydney Morning Herald as a former reporter and editor. He is a columnist who has segments on “Today Show” and is a resident money-saving adviser at One Big Switch. The latter is a household brand, and it is the largest consumer network in Australia. Also, One Big Switch is the first port of call for plenty of people who want to save their hard-earned dollars.

As a personal finance guru, Gibson has donated his past seven years as the face of One Big Switch that now has more than one million members. Supported by the network’s team of money-saving experts, in recent years, he has collected hacks, loopholes, shortcuts, and the best and the most straightforward money-saving techniques. The prominent commentator in Australian media successfully saved more than $3,000 on his household expenditures in 2018. With this achievement, Gibson had desired to demonstrate the way on how he achieved this feat to other consumers as well.

Hence, in October 2019, Gibson released his book titled, “Kill Bills!: The 9 Insider Tricks You’ll Need to Win the War on Household Bills.” This 374-page, step-by-step guide educates Australians on how to become full-fledged “money-saving black belts.” Moreover, the book is a bible that offers readers insider advice on how to save thousands of their hard-earned money on all of their essential household bills.

"Kill Bills!" Author Aids Aussie Consumers Become Budget Downsizers

Gibson shared his money-saving mindsets, which he labelled uniquely. These easy-to-follow strategies are “The Red Dog,” “The De Niro,” “The Elizabeth Taylor,” and “The Mystery-Shopper.” They are the primary focal points of Gibson’s financially educational reference. Furthermore, the work of the personal-finance whiz consists of expert tips against household bills most consumers find as dreadful. These payables include power outlays, mortgage, groceries, and petrol. Gibson discussed advice about dealing with credit card bills, telco bills, and insurance as well in an in-depth section about nine of the essential household bills.

“Kill Bills!: The 9 Insider Tricks You’ll Need to Win the War on Household Bills” will facilitate readers to commence their money-saving habit immediately. Reading this easy-to-read reference from cover to cover will make consumers feel at ease the next time they receive their expensive power bill or insurance policy renewal, too. Above all, readers will feel that they have taken both of their power and money back with this crash course on how to become a financially savvy individual.

Gibson’s 5 Money-Saving Pieces of Advice to Consumers in 2020


Setting a small savings target strategy may not be enjoyable for plenty of Australian consumers. They may find this personal finance habit tedious or challenging. Nevertheless, saving some of one’s hard-earned money, even a little of it, is winner plenty of times over. Also, this technique is the most optimal way to overcome any crisis that comes one’s way.

Money-saving guru Joel Gibson offered some simple tips for budget downsizers. The author of “Kill Bills!: The 9 Insider Tricks You’ll Need to Win the War on Household Bills” aspires to help Australians in eliminating unnecessary bills. He gave the following recommendations, which also include insights from his 2019 reference book on personal finance.

1) Use applications that show petrol cycles or the “cheapest days” to fill up.

The author recommended car owners to use smartphone applications that present the graphs of the petrol cycle. This money-saving technique facilitates motorists to fill up their cars with petrol in the right place, at the right time, and in a budget-friendly manner. Besides checking on an application, Gibson suggested consumers view the best days to fill up one’s car via the website of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

2) Check with one’s electricity provider if his plan is the most budget-friendly.

Electricity companies may move consumers onto an inferior plan. This problematic situation leaves people needing to pay hundreds of unnecessary dollars. Gibson recommended the people to call their provider and find out if what they are getting is the cheapest service. Also, he cited that these customers can inquire if there is another plan that better suits their requirements.

The personal finance guru remarked that the details on the best electricity deals for consumers based in New South Wales (NSW) are on the website of the state’s government. Moreover, he said that consumers from NSW and in Queensland could visit www.energymadeeasy.gov.au for more details. As for customers in Victoria, it is now a requirement for retailers to inform their clients on each bill about their most affordable offering. Plus, the government of Victoria’s website includes more information about the best deals available.

3) Know when the availability of special offers is and shop in two supermarkets.

Gibson suggested consumers purchase their essentials not only in one commercial establishment. He advised the people to shop at Woolworths, then, to buy products at Aldi or Coles as well. Furthermore, by learning the availability of specials’ schedule, people will get to save more of their hard-earned money when it comes to grocery shopping.

4) As a bill-killer, search for and take advantage of “honeymoon offers.”

The author recommended shoppers to always be on the lookout for discounted deals available to new customers for a few months or the first year. Gibson called this strategy in his publication, “The Elizabeth Taylor.” If a consumer is the “Elizabeth Taylor” of household bills, he will keep moving to the forthcoming deals after the affordable stage has concluded. Thus, the shopper benefits from always getting fantastic deals. Plus, he gets to avoid businesses’ tactics of selling great offers in the first year, then raising the price after the cheap period.

5) Be a ‘price chaser’ to get the most budget-friendly deals.

In Gibson’s book, this tip is what he referred to as “The De Niro.” This strategy involves consumers being eager to walk out on anything, similar to a gangster. Gibson advised shoppers to stay unfaithful to shops. These businesses are aware that they have to work harder to have ‘price chasers’ as their customers with the best products.

"Kill Bills!" Author Aids Aussie Consumers Become Budget Downsizers

These are just five of the many money-saving hacks of Gibson. He has shared more since the release of his book in November 2019. Also, these tips fulfil the writer’s intent to help consumers avoid the mistakes they had made when it comes to managing their household bills. Following these personal finance nuggets and reading Gibson’s’ most recent publication make the activity of saving a few hundred bucks within a person’s reach. These activities are helpful as well, especially for someone who finds it challenging to keep his hard-earned funds for both the rainy and sunny days.

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