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Looking for a Life Insurance Policy? Feel Free to Approach Us Now!

It is common for consumers like you to think twice about getting a life insurance policy. It is because most of them need more understanding of the concept and the advantages of getting one. Let us face it. You care so much for your family, right? What if you suddenly pass away? This situation is certainly not a cheery one. Nonetheless, you surely do not want the financial status of your family left unsecured or jeopardized when such unfortunate event takes place, do you? This scenario is where the need to avail life insurance comes in. is the biggest financial differentiation portal in Australia. We tell apart and sell a wide range of life insurance policy brands than any other. Moreover, we compare the offerings of plenty of our partner companies, including the major life insurance firms in the country. They consist of Neos, AIA, MLC, Zurich, OnePath, and TAL. Aside from the policies, our marketplace offers many other products and plans. Our insurance experts research and rate them as well. As a comparison portal, we are passionate about helping Australians save their hard-earned money, precious time, and essential efforts on their household expenditures and bills. Hence, read further to know how you can get the service you surely deserve from us!

Still Unsure of Getting Life Insurance? Read & Answer These Queries

Here at, we can assist you in finding the right life insurance policy. We compare life insurance plans that can help you save your hard-earned funds. We can assist you in finding a balance between a justified premium and sufficient cover, too. Furthermore, every year, we conduct a detailed analysis of the life insurance policy scene in Australia. It is our mission to aid you in selecting a plan that offers the cover you require at a budget-friendly cost. In Sydney, we have a qualified team of life insurance advisers who could help you with your life insurance requirements. Feel free to reach out to us if you are ready to work on your personal insurance needs. Plus, keep in mind that we are your partner in cost-effectively achieving peace of mind.

Are you still not convinced? We understand that. However, you will comprehend that you would surely need to get personal insurance after asking yourself these queries:

1. If you pass away all of a sudden, would your family be able to keep their present standard of living?

2. If you will need long-term rehabilitation, how would you pay for the outlay involved in your medical treatment?

3. Would your loved ones be able to afford the dreams and goals you had set for them in the future if they lose you unexpectedly?

4. If you get permanently disabled and you are single, who would take care of you? Would you be able to pay for the expenses that your care would involve? Also, if you have family, would they be able to settle the monthly bills and other dues?

5. Could you afford to pay for residential property changes if you get seriously injured?

6. How long could you carry on settling your bills without your current salary?

If your responses to any of the questions above indicate the requirement for you to have additional funds to be accessible, then, you, indeed, need to look at availing a life insurance policy!

Frequently asked questions

How does my family benefit from my life insurance?

If you are the breadwinner in your family and you suddenly lose your life, your dependents, like your wife and children, could meet their cost of living if you took out a life insurance policy. Through this financial product, your family members can carry on with their lives, even if you are not around anymore to support them financially.

In Australia, how does this type of insurance policy work?

A life insurance policy works in Australia when, for example, you are already deceased, then, your insurance policy provider would pay a lump sum payment to your beneficiaries. These people you listed or nominated in your plan are typically your immediate family members. Furthermore, besides your death, when your doctor diagnoses you with a terminal ailment that will conclude in death within a year, your insurer will cover any of your medical expenses. Plus, they would get your financial circumstances in order. Your loved ones would, therefore, not suffer from financial trauma compounding the emotional devastation that they would inevitably face because of losing you.

What does the personal insurance plan encompass?

The kind of life insurance policy you are searching for will determine the cover of the plan. These are the five different kinds of insurance cover you can avail:

A) Accidental Death

If you pass away because of an accident, there are some types of policies that cover you. Nevertheless, these insurance plans feature many conditions and exclusions, such as risky behaviour, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

B) Total and Permanent Disability

In case you become disabled wholly and permanently, your insurance service provider would cover your living expenses and rehabilitation. Insurers typically sell this type of cover with life cover.

C) Life Cover

At the event of your death, this cover pays a lump sum to your immediate family members or your nominated beneficiaries in your life insurance policy.

D) Trauma Cover

You will get money from your insurance service provider that you can use to support your monetary needs with this cover. It is for insurance policyholders whose physicians diagnosed them to have a critical disease that affects their lives tremendously.

E) Income Protection Cover

When you get seriously injured or ill, it is highly likely that you would not be able to work. Hence, this type of cover replaces your income and provides you with regular payments.

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