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Microsoft Corporation is the owner of and this is where one can access their Hotmail account, and the other products in the Windows Live suite of products.  Commercially launched in 1996, Hotmail was one of the first webmail services on the Internet and was purchased by Microsoft in 1997. 

Microsoft Office was introduced to the world in 1990 and its applications Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel soon became the dominant product for organizing and writing on the market. The same happened when they released Windows 3.0 which introduced streamlined graphics and increased security for the Intel 386 processor. Internet Explorer, Windows 95, Windows XP and the Xbox games console followed in the next decade. Since 2010 the company has released a Windows phone, Windows 10, partnerships with the New York City Police Department for the creation of a Domain Awareness System for police surveillance and is providing cyber security to 12 European markets. 

Over the years Microsoft has provided corporate venture capital for many technological startups, has branched into social media services and cloud computing.

The world’s most valuable company, Microsoft reached the trillion-dollar market cap in April 2019, and has joined the other two U.S. companies to do so, Apple and Amazon.

Who are the founders of

Microsoft was founded by childhood friends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen and is one of the leaders in software and computer technologies. The company was developed in 1975 and it became the dominant creator of personal computer operating systems. Microsoft has diversified its business interests over the years and has also made a number of corporate acquisitions, including LinkedIn and Skype. 

Their BASIC interpreter drove down the costs of producing microcomputers, making them commercially viable and profitable. The company was initially known as Micro-Soft. 

Where are the headquarters of or otherwise Microsoft? 

The company was originally founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since 1986 its headquarters are at One Microsoft Way, Redmond. Washington. Informally known as Microsoft Redmond Campus, it has grown to approximately 750,000 m² over the years and approximately 40,000 of the company’s 144,106 employees are based there. The move to Washington was necessitated since the company was having difficulties in finding skilled programmers in Albuquerque. 

Microsoft’s first international sales office was opened in Japan in 1979 and was followed by the signing of a contract with IBM to develop an operating system for them, setting the way for the massive growth that was to follow. 

 Bill Gates is still a member of the Board of Microsoft and Satya Nadella is the CEO since February, 2014. 

The impact that Microsoft has had on the world of technology is undoubtedly huge, and it’s right at the top of the list with the earliest pioneers of the computing industry. Their products can definitely not be considered boring, but they also have a reputation of relentlessly pursuing a market share in many areas and have continuously come under fire for this; most recently by hundreds of their own employees who protested their policy of war profiteering. The company signed a $480 million contract to develop virtual reality headsets for the U.S. military. 

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