McDonald’s to Enforce Dining Changes After Shut Down Measures

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McDonald’s to Enforce Dining Changes After Shut Down Measures

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SYDNEY, Australia – McDonald’s will enforce some dining changes following the recent shutdown measures announced by the government on Sunday after tens of thousands flocked in beaches late last week.

McDonald’s Australia announced on Monday that it is going to stop all its customers from dining in their stores to comply with the government’s call for shutting down in most businesses.

From a statement from the popular fast-food chain on Facebook, it said that it is looking after the betterment of everyone, making their team and the broader community as their priority. McDonald’s said in the post that they are making several changes in line with the shutdown guidance from the government.

Food deliveries, takeaways, and drive-thru will remain operational in their fast-food chains. Customers can still enter their stores to order their food, but it will only be for takeaway. McDonald’s will not allow any customer to sit down and dine inside their restaurants anymore.

They will continue to cater to food orders through their official app, however.

The famous fast-food chain is also making efforts to thank those who are working front and centre during this health crisis. McDonald’s announced that for every transaction made with them, they would give away a free beverage to a healthcare worker.

Last week, the restaurant also announced that it is taking further measures to deal with the spreading virus by stepping up the hygiene practices in all its stores.

According to Andrew Gregory, the chief executive of McDonald’s Australia, their staff and crew are washing their hands regularly using anti-microbial hand wash. He also noted that they would continue to enforce strict compliance, especially with their workers wearing gloves during meal preparations.

Mr Gregory further stated that they are providing the same hand wash for all their customers in their bathrooms.

The new dining changes from the famous fast-food chain came after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Sunday night that all hospitality businesses would close on Monday. That includes restaurants, cafes, gyms, clubs, and bars as well as places of worship. The recent directive from the Australian government is a continued response to help mitigate the spreading of the deadly coronavirus.

The shutdown measures from the government announced on Sunday came about after 1000’s ignored the previous recommendation of social distancing. It includes people continuing to flock in eating places, bars, and crowded seashores, which caused an increase of coronavirus cases in the country.

Right now, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Australia reach over 1,700 with New South Wales and Victoria recording the most virus case variety.

Despite the previous call and warnings from the government to follow social distancing, thousands of people were still frequenting bars and eating places. Around thousands of people were also seen flocking the Bondi Seaside in current days.

So, on Sunday, Prime Minister Morrison announced new measures to help prevent the further spread of the virus. He stated that social distancing rules should continue. The Prime Minister also ordered the shutdown of places of worship, bars, cinemas, pubs, indoor sporting venues, and non-essential providers starting Monday.

Local authorities are also working to close seashores to help dissolve the crowds, despite the current heat autumn spell. Meanwhile, eating places and cafes can continue their operations, but only to supply providers or takeaways.

Early on Monday, Prime Minister Morrison advised the parliament that there are no longer going to be extra time to go to pubs after work hours or sitting in the restaurant or going to the gym.

Aside from McDonald’s announcing its dining changes today in response to the announcement from the Australian government, hospitality businesses are calling in the last hour of trade.

As the deadline struck for the shutdown of most businesses on Monday, customers of Australian restaurants and cafes hurriedly left.

Meanwhile, business owners continue to struggle as they face doom during the crisis. Many of them are anxiously looking for ways on how to proceed with their operations to pay the bills.

Most businesses are facing rest payment dues at this time, including loan repayment schedules and how to tell their employees that there are no jobs available at this time.

Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s state premier, also commented about the government’s shutdown measures during an interview with the Australia Broadcasting Corporation. He stated that if they do not implement the shutdown for all non-essential services in Victoria, hospitals will soon get overwhelmed, and more citizens will die.

Meanwhile, top doctors in Australia are calling for the Prime Minister to place the country into a total lockdown now. Medical experts are saying that they are getting terrified with the latest significant increase in virus cases in the country.

Despite the shutdown measures valid midday on Monday, leading Australian doctors are calling for the full escalation of the lockdown for the whole country. It came after the soaring number of virus cases that could overwhelm hospitals in Australia.

Last Thursday, the recorded positive cases of Covid-19 in the country was only at 710. As of Monday, there are already 1,716 confirmed cases, which shows more than double the previous record in the last four days. As of March 23, New South Wales recorded 704 coronavirus cases followed by 355 confirmed cases in Victoria, 319 cases in Queensland, 140 in Western Australia, 134 in South Australia, 32 in the ACT, 28 in Tasmania, and four in the Northern Territory.

Currently, there are seven recorded deaths related to coronavirus in the country.

Meanwhile, to help curb the spread of the virus, Queensland is going to close its borders effective on Wednesday midnight. This initiative aims to help slow the spread of Covid-19. It follows the same move previously announced by South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania.

However, borders in the ACT, Victoria, and New South Wales are still open.

The spreading coronavirus negatively affected the economy of the country, and it doesn’t look like that is changing anytime soon. With the shutdown measures enforced towards non-essential services starting today and for about six months, more people are going to be out of work and businesses struggling.

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