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Pricing, Shows and Huge Savings

Over time, free-to-air TV services may fail to meet your family’s ever growing entertaining needs. Your kids want more and more cartoons, and you want the convenience of watching your favorite shows whenever you want.


Well, thanks to Netflix, the world’s biggest streaming service, you’ve just got your much-needed entertainment fix. You can stream movies and TV shows on almost any device as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

The company has partnerships with some of the world’s biggest studios, such as DreamWorks and Disney, to ensure the best content for all ages.

But like any other service, it’s important to learn more about what the company offers and how you can benefit from paying the subscription. A viable alternative to Netflix may be Amazon. Suggested reading: Amazon Australia

What is Netflix Australia?

Netflix Australia is the local version of the popular US on-demand streaming service that gives you access to thousands of TV shows and movies. You can use a web browser or an app to watch your favorite movies or shows anywhere.


The service launched in Australia on 24 March 2015 with a total of 1120 titles.


For any monthly plan you choose, you get unlimited viewing for 30 days – and it’s all ad-free. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time, so you don’t have to worry about any commitments. Netflix Australia offers three plans, but the US version has more content.

Netflix Australia: Pricing, Shows and Huge Savings 1

How Much Does Netflix Cost Monthly in Australia?

The cost basically depends on the plan you choose. In October 2019, Netflix increased its pricing by an extra $2 per month for their premium plan. So, you can expect to pay:


  • $9.99 for the Basic plan
  • $13.99 for the Standard plan
  • $19.99 for the Premium plan

    So, if you want the best Netflix experience, you’ll have to part ways with $19.99 every month. This plan is ideal for those people with 4K TVs and fast internet speeds. It also ideal for those who want to share their Netflix account, given you can stream on four devices at any time.

The last price increase for the plans was in 2017, which saw all subscriptions going up by 20 percent.

What Are the Different Netflix Plans?

As noted before, Netflix gives yous three plans, allowing you to pick an option that best meets your needs.

Netflix Australia: Pricing, Shows and Huge Savings 2

Netflix Basic

This plan only lets you stream on one device at any time, and standard definition (SD) is the maximum video quality. Offline viewing is only available for select titles, and your average data usage per hour can be 1GB.

Netflix Australia: Pricing, Shows and Huge Savings 3

Netflix Standard

The Standard plan allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously, and the maximum video quality is high definition (HD). Offline viewing is also allowed for select titles, and you can expect to use 3GB of data per hour.

Netflix Australia: Pricing, Shows and Huge Savings 4

Netflix Premium

For the ultimate Netflix experience, you can opt for Netflix Premium, which allows you to stream on up to 4 devices in 4K/UHD video quality. However, expect to use up to 7GB of data per hour. You also have select titles for offline viewing.

What Do You Get with Netflix Premium?

Netflix Premium is the top tier plan, which allows you to stream on up to four devices simultaneously. You also get to watch your movies and TV shows in 4k/UHD video quality.


That’s what you get for $19.99 per month.

Basically, if you want quality videos, the Ultra HD streaming should excite you; it allows you to watch all 4K ready shows and movies just the way they were meant to be viewed. But keep in mind that you must have a monitor or TV that supports 4K video quality.

It’s pointless to pay for the premium plan when your devices don’t support 4k unless you want the option to stream on four screens. This makes sense for families or people sharing a flat.

What's the Difference Between Standard and Premium Netflix?

The main difference between the two plans is in the type of video quality you get and the number of screens you can stream on at any one time.


The Standard plan is great is you want to stream in HD quality while the Premium options lets you pay a little more to get 4K/UHD video quality. It all depends on the option that works for you best.


Also, unlike the Basic plan, the Standard plan lets you stream on two screens while the Premium option allows streaming on up to four screens. Both options are great if you want to share an account with another person or more people.

What Shows Are On Netflix Australia?

At any one point on Netflix, there are 1000+ TV shows and 3000+ movies. You also get access to documentaries and specials. You can browse recently added content or watch some of the old favorites


You can start with Mindhunter, a  crime thriller story by David Fincher that tries to explore the origin of the FBI’s profiling practices. In this show, agents have to go deeper to understand the actions and motivation of a demented killer they’re chasing.


If you want some thrilling drama, then Stranger Things is the show to binge-watch. The story is told through five kids in Hawkins, Indiana whose lives change once one of their friends lost. This opens a world of government secrets and strange sightings that they’re determined to explore.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance gives you the right dose of fantasy shows. The events take place in the fantastical world of Thra where the Skeksis, a reptilian bird-like race, are determined to cement their rule of the world and have their way with the Gelfling clans. But the clan is ready for a revolution.


You can also follow the Robison’s family in Lost in Space as they find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet. With numerous challenges in their way, they must find the right course to their actual destination. This show is dark and thrilling.


Do you want a second chance in life? Well, that’s what you get on Altered Carbon, a futuristic TV show where people’s lives can be saved on a chip. So, when a wealthy man’s chip is destroyed, he pays for a prisoner’s freedom, Takeshi Kovacs who has been in a digital prison for 250 years, to solve the case.

These are some of the examples of TV shows you can find on Netflix Australia. Other shows that are worth watching include Black Mirror, FireFly, The Expanse, Scream, Star Tek: Discovery, Lucifer, Russian Doll, Big Mouth, BoJack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Good Place, Everything Sucks, 12 Monkeys, 3%, 13 Reasons Why, and many more.


For Australian TV shows, you should have plenty of options, including Rake, Wanted, The Code, Sisters, Glitch, Tidelands, Beat Bugs, The Letdown, Offspring, Wentworth Prison, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Cleverman, The Chef Show, Lunatics, Secret City among others.

How Do You Get Netflix on TV?

There are several ways you can watch Netflix on TV; all you need is a device that supports the Netflix App.


The first option is to check if your smart TV has the app. You should know this if your remote has a Netflix button. Just press the button, sign up or sign in, and you’re ready to get started. Or, if your smart TV doesn’t come with the app, check the “Apps’ section on your TV; you should find it there.


You can also download the app if you don’t find it on your TV. In some cases, you’ll need to update your TV for the app to appear if you’re not seeing it.

If you don’t have a TV that doesn’t support the app, you don’t have to worry about it. You can still watch Netflix on your TV using your laptop, smartphone, and streaming media players and sticks. You’ll have to learn how to connect these devices to your TV.

Netflix Australia: Pricing, Shows and Huge Savings 5

Google’s Chromecast is the easiest to stream Netflix from your tablet or phone to your non-smart TV. Just plug it into the HDMI port, and change your TV’s output to HDMI and that is it. Or, you can use Apple TV to get your Netflix fix.

You can use an HDMI adapter to connect your computer or tablet to the TV. The tablet or computer screen will be mirrored on the TV. Then you can access Netflix via the app or web browser.

Gaming consoles, such as Xbox (360 or One), Playstation (3 or 4), and Wii U, have online stores where you can download apps, including Netflix.

How Much Internet Does Netflix Use?​

Usually, internet data usage depends on where you’re streaming the content from and the quality of the video. The amount of data you’ll use on your computer, TV, phone, or game console is different. Also, your tablet app and mobile phone app use different data.


You can watch Netflix with speeds as low as 0.5Mbps per second. However, Netflix recommends 3Mbps per second for SD video quality and 5Mbps for HD quality. If you want to stream in 4k/UHD quality, then your internet speed should be about 25Mbps per second.


For a low-quality video on your TV, you can expect to use about 300MB of data per hour. Ultra HD quality will consume about 7GB of data per hour. When using your phone, you can expect to use a maximum of 3GB for the best video quality.


You can change your video quality to minimize your data usage as needed.

How Can I Watch Netflix Without a Smart TV?​

You don’t need to have a smart TV to watch Netflix. Netflix has apps for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. All you need is a Netflix account and an internet connection.


You can also access Netflix via a web browser; all popular web browsers are supported.


Or, if you have non-smart TV, we’ve discussed above how you can connect your mobile phone, computer tablet, or gaming console to your TV. You can also use digital media players, such as Chromecast and Apple TV, to stream Netflix from your phone to TV.

Netflix vs. Cinema

Movies are one of the best ways to spend your time, but there has been a debate on Netflix vs. Cinema. Basically, which of the two is cost-effective, convenient, and fun?


Regarding the cost, Netflix is a worthy contender against cinemas, and it’s by far the most cost-effective option. A $13.99 plan is enough to get you through a month. You can make your own popcorns at home if you want.


A night out at the cinemas can be costly, particularly when you factor in all the costs, including parking, traffic, and concessions. A single movie ticket in Australi can cost between $13 to $25 with some options going up to $40.


Another aspect when comparing the two options is the convenience. If you dislike crowded places, then cinemas are not your thing. A Netflix subscription gives you peace and calms you want right in the comfort of your home.


In regards to the overall costs, Netflix is simply incomparable to cinemas. Depending on the number of times you go to cinemas every month, it’s possible to save hundreds of dollars by using Netflix.

How Do I Contact Netflix Australia?

If you need help, there are several ways to reach out to Netflix’s support team. One of the ways is to call the company through the Netflix app on your iOS or Android device. This option is free; all you need is an internet connection.


For phone support, you can Netflix Australia at 1-800-071-578.


You can also get help via live chat whenever you want on your computer or mobile device.

Final scoop on Netflix:

At this point, you’ve learned alot about Netflix, their plans, and how it can benefit you. You need a great broadband plan to get the most from your account. If you’re a serious streamer, you’ll need about  500GB a month.


Take the time to pick the Netflix plan that suits you, and get 30-days of uninterrupted access to movies and TV shows. Still, you can compare Netflix to other options in the market, such as Stan, Foxtel Now, and Amazon’s Prime Video.

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