is a subscription-based streaming service that is a great alternative to subscription television. It offers a wide range of television shows, movies, award-winning Netflix originals, documentaries, anime and more on any internet connected devices. New shows and movies are added to the collection every week so there is always something new to discover. Some of the shows and movies are produced in-house. 

In April 2019, Netflix had exceeded 148 million subscribers worldwide, with 40% in the USA. It is available all over the world except in mainland China, Crimea, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

For a low monthly subscription, subscribers can watch as much as they want any time without being interrupted by commercials. Netflix is available on streaming devices, tablets, computers, smart television, game consoles and smart phones. There are different plans to choose from, which are basic, standard and premium. All plans offer first free month, unlimited movies and television shows that can be watched on laptop, TV, tablet and phone. All can be cancelled and resumed any time. Standard offers HD while premium offers HD and ultra HD. The basic plan can only be watched on 1 device at a time while the standard plan allows 2 devices and premium allows 4 devices.

Easy contracts

Before committing to a contract, subscribers can join for free for 30 days and enjoy everything that Netflix has to offer. If they do not want to subscribe, they can cancel when 30 days is up. If they don’t cancel, membership automatically continues, and they are charged monthly. A subscriber can cancel online anytime without any cancellation fees and they can resume the contract any time when it’s convenient.


Here is how subscribers can take Netflix anywhere. They can download their favorite shows with Android, Windows10 or iOS and watch while on the go or when they don’t have internet connection. This is great for those who travel frequently and spend much time at airports and on planes or in the bush. 

Who runs Netflix? is run by Netflix, Inc. Netflix Inc is an American production and media-services provider and a member of the Motion Picture Association. It was found by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in Scotts Valley, California in 1997. Initially the company offered DVD sales and rental by mail. After a year, DVD sales were abandoned and the company focused on rentals. In 2010 it adopted the media streaming business model while retaining the rental business. Then it expanded to Canada, then Latin America and then the Caribbean islands. In 2012 Netflix started its in-house content production business with the series Lilyhammer. 

Where is the Netflix office?

The head office is at 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, California 95032, USA. The international subscribers are serviced by offices in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Barueri in Brazil, Mumbai in India, Tokyo in Japan, and Seoul in the Republic of Korea. The Netflix entity that offers particular services in particular regions is always listed on the payment confirmation email.

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