is an online news website owned by News Corp Australia. It provides world, national, travel, political, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, technology, business, real estate and sports news in digital form to over 9.5 million Australians. The news is brought in by a team of 30 journalists. It gives breaking news and updates throughout the day and delivers the news in such a way that it gets people talking. The news can be read on computer, tablet or phone. Readers can download the app for easier access to the news and they are allowed to comment and debate news articles if they register first.

At national level the news site provides news from all the provinces in terms of politics, sports, crime, and day to day stories of celebrities and ordinary people. At global level the site writes about sports, politics, disasters, war and anything else that is newsworthy about celebrities and ordinary people. In the world of real estate there is always something about interesting properties for sale or auction. In travel there are stories about interesting places to visit and tips for travelers to make the best of their visit to Australia. In entertainment there are stories about celebrities all over the world, including the ever-interesting bits about the royal family in England. values its readers’ trust and will make sure that it validates all information before publishing a story. They thrive to get the breaking news first and to get it right for their readers. They are committed to continue providing their readers with fair, balanced and open coverage of news from Australia and the around the world. 

About News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is the holding company for It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is one of Australia’s biggest media corporations. It employs over 8,000 staff members and around 3,000 journalists. Its interests include publishing of many newspapers, magazine publishing, online news sites (e.g., subscription television, DVD and film distribution, market research, film production, and television production. It publishes more than 140 daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and tri-weekly newspapers. It also publishes a nationally distributed Australian daily newspaper, a metropolitan newspaper in each big city, and suburban newspapers in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. It also publishes thirty magazines throughout Australia. It also runs many digital news sites including

Who is the chief executive of News Corp Australia?

The executive chairman of News Corp Australia is Michael Miller and the chief executive officer is Julian Clarke. They are supported by various managing directors of different divisions. 

Where is the Head Office of

The head office is at 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales in Australia.

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