– see the key facts and overview here is the Canadian pornographic video sharing site that was launched in 2007 in Montreal. The content used is both professional and amateur and Pornhub hosts more videos than any of the other websites with similar content. The website reached 1 million daily visits within seven months of launching. 

Visitors to the website have a number of categories that they can view videos from, they can also share videos on social media, and can like or dislike them. The optional registration of a free Pornhub account allows users to post comments, download and upload videos. They can also add videos to their favorites. Advertising is the main source of income for the website. 

Illegal videos are a problem and the company counters this by encouraging users to flag videos that are problematic or inappropriate. These are reviewed by the team at Pornhub and removed if they are in violation of the terms of policy laid down by the company.

The introduction of PornIQ creates a personalized video playlist for the user. These are created by an algorithm and based on a number of factors including porn preferences; location, preferred time that the website is visited and the amount of time spent viewing content. 

Who is the founder of 

Web developer Matt Keezer is the founder of Pornhub and it was developed with the company called Interhub in May 2007. The Manwin Conglomerate, co-owned by the German businessman Fabian Thylmann, purchased Pornhub in 2010. The company is now known as MindGeek and Pornhub is one of the websites on the company’s Pornhub NETWORK. These also include YouPorn and RedTube. 

The global ranking for in 2019 was at 41, with the highest daily traffic coming from the United States. 

Where is the headquarters of 

The headquarters of Pornhub continue to be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Copyright infringement has been a problem in the past for the company and they had to settle a suit in 2010 with the film production company Ventura Content for 45 videos that were streamed by millions. The terms of the settlement remain confidential to this day. 

The website has also been blocked on and off a few times by China, Russia, the Philippines, and India. The reasons vary but are mostly related to minors. In Russia, users have to provide their mobile numbers or passport numbers to log in and in India Pornhub established a mirror website in order to circumvent the ban. 

Even though most people view porn badly, Pornhub has a social conscience and supports a variety of projects. They are very active in breast cancer awareness and also launched a tree-planting campaign in 2014 which offered to plant one tree for every 100 videos views. This resulted in 15,473 trees being planted. In 2019 they launched a campaign called “Beesexual” in order to raise awareness about the declining bee population. 

The Pornhub Awards were launched in 2018 and were held at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. Kanye West was the creative director. The awards seem set to become an annual event and were repeated in October 2019. 

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