Premium Credit Card Maker Luxury Card Announces New Patent

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Premium Credit Card Maker Luxury Cards Announces New Patent

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SYDNEY, Australia – Industry leader and premium credit card maker, Luxury Cards, recently announced receiving its new patent.

Luxury Card, a global leader when it comes to metal card designs and manufacturing, sent out a press release saying that it received additional patents. The credit card maker now confirmed that it has its 51st patent for metal card design and construction technology.

The original credit card design and construction of Luxury Card, which is a dual-layer stainless steel design, are currently available for a lot of cardmembers since it came out in 2013. Since then, Luxury Card became the front-runner in the premium metal card market.

The Vice President of Customer Experience at the premium credit card making company, Marina Kissam, stated that Luxury Card is continually expanding and bringing out constant innovation from their existing designs. She then introduced the new addition to their line of metal cards, which she said is the 51st patent for Luxury Card. Ms. Kissam added, explaining that the latest license is a milestone for them as they continue to grow in the metal credit card space.

Luxury Card confirmed the latent patent in their line of cards, which they recently received from the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). The 51st patent for the premium credit card maker includes a total of 30 different designs and 21 various utility patents that are issued worldwide.

All the Luxury Card products from the company are state of the art and are designed and engineered for distinction and durability. The features in their credit card designs are highly recognizable for those credit card customers of their brand.

With the recent patent granted by the USPTO, it shows that Luxury Card continues to look for better and more innovative ways for the credit card products that they can offer their customers. The growing portfolio of credit card patents of the global-leader also suggests its willingness to challenge and push the limits of the traditional concept of what a credit card should look like and what it can be.

Their credit card products feature 22 grams of weight to help complement the status of Luxury Card as a premium maker in the industry. And from a lot of loyal credit cardmembers of the company, Luxury Card offers a unique design with even better rewards to come with it.

Overall, Luxury Card is not only a designer and innovator of metal card technology. They also offer their customers countless features that accommodate and protect their lifestyle as cardholders. Aside from its unique design, Luxury Card also includes an impressive array of VIP benefits to its credit card products. Furthermore, the company also provides cashback redemption and airfare rates that are among the best and never before seen in the industry.

Luxury Card is considered an international leader when it comes to the superior credit card market. The mission of the company is to help shape the industry using its value, service, and continuous innovation. Luxury Card previously said that their belief that their three credit card products can all pay for themselves and offer benefits and rewards that unlike any other credit card offers as well as first-class advantages and 24/7 concierge service. The three credit card offering from Luxury Card includes the Mastercard Gold Card, Mastercard Titanium Card, and the popular Mastercard Black Card.

The members of the premium credit card marker received some of the best cashback redemption and airfare rates along with points that they can redeem at any annual increment and at any time they want to. The points they get will be available for life as well because they never expire.

The cashback redemption value for Mastercard Gold Card owners goes up to 2%, while it’s at 1.5% for Mastercard Black Card owners and 1% cash cashback for those who own the Mastercard Titanium Card.

Luxury Card customers can redeem their points for airfare at 2% with no seat restrictions, airline limitations, or blackout dates. They offer the most significant rates as well, compared to what their competitors offer their customers. Around 50,000 worth of Luxury Card points for airfare is equal to $1,000 of airline tickets, compared to the $750 of airline tickets that customers can get from the credit card maker’s nearest competitor at the same number of points. Meanwhile, Luxury Card customers can redeem that points for cash back at a different rate to as much as 2% or spend it on a variety of fo experiences such as gift cards, dining, or travel.

The Mastercard Gold Card comes with a $200 airline credit, while those who own the Mastercard Black Card will get a $100 worth of airline credit. However, those with a Mastercard Titanium Card won’t receive any airline credit, although they will still experience VIP travel benefits.

The Luxury Card Concierge accommodates every need of their cardmembers. The service is available 24/7 and is accessible through live chat using their Luxury Card App, which is another first in the industry. The concierge service of Luxury Card is also available through various communication means like email or phone. Customers will get help from dedicated Concierge agents to help assist them with anything from their dining reservations, travel itineraries, gift sourcing, or any inquiry or research.

The premium credit card maker also provides its customers with an in-house travel program that offers benefits and services worth an average amount of $500 per stay at more than 3,000 world-class properties from all over the world. The three credit cards in the Luxury Card lineup features more of the same benefits.

Furthermore, cardholders of their Mastercard Black Card and Mastercard Gold Card will get free membership and complimentary unlimited guest access through Priority Pass Select to more than 1,200 airport lounges all over the world.

Customers can use credit cards from Luxury Card at more than eight million domestic retailers and shops in 210 different countries. What is even better is using a Luxury Card credit card doesn’t have any foreign transaction costs.

Although Barclays issue the credit cards when you look at it on a technical level, however, the premium credit card marker Luxury Card is the one calling the shots when it comes to the features and design of the cards.

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