QT Bondi Collaborates with Eden to Offer Gourmet Picnic Baskets

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QT Bondi Collaborates with Eden for Gourmet Picnic Baskets

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SYDNEY, Australia – Boutique hotel in Sydney, QT Bondi, has officially collaborated with Eden, a local plant-based restaurant, to offer gourmet picnic baskets.

QT Bondi has been a popular vacation spot for locals and foreign people alike on the side of Sydney. But aside from providing a glamourous landscape of Bondi Beach, the boutique hotel just announced that they have officially teamed up with Eden, a new plant-based restaurant located directly at the heart of Bondi Beach.

The collaboration is something that Australians didn’t know they needed. QT Bondi and Eden restaurant have decided to join forces in creating picnic baskets to offer to their guests at the hotel for much better and a bit more gourmet beachside stay.

Soaking in the sand and enjoying the landscape of the beautiful beachside is one thing, but combing that glamorous escape with a gourmet meal with family and friends is another thing. The menu for the new picnic baskets is the brainchild of chef Claudia Pantoja of Eden restaurant. It will be full of vibrant, fresh, and summery flavors that have become the very definition of the classic Bondi palate.

Enjoying the view that the Bondi beach ha to offer doesn’t merely involve the eyes, but every guest’s taste as well. They can now lounge around the beachside while experiencing the delightful tastes of smoked tofu sandwiches or a platter of sweet cakes coupled with some salted pretzels, brazil nuts, and the best mini kombuchas.

The new picnic baskets from the collaboration between QT Bondi and Eden will be composed of a delightful selection of food that will not only taste good but is designed to feel good as well.

Tanya Smart and Simon Hill own Eden restaurant. According to the two, the ethos of Eden is founded on the countless benefits that one can get from a plant-based diet. The owners of the local restaurant noted that their main goal is not only to make food that features delicious tastes. They are incredibly passionate, too, when it comes to building a common ground where people can meet, talk, and have some fun time with each other.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Eden talks more deeply about the inspiration that helped them come up with the idea for the picnic baskets and their vision about what’s to come for plant-based eating in the country.

When asked about Eden’s inspiration in creating the plant-based picnic baskets in collaboration with QT Bondi, the owners of the restaurant said that the main idea for the basket came to them naturally. They explained that the idea has popped up as naturally as sitting in the grass in Bondi and soaking the scene under the sun.

The founders of Eden further stated that they have always wanted to partner with QT Bondi, especially as they have a close similarity to the values that the boutique hotel holds. They said that the current partnership is the perfect opportunity for them to make that vision come true.

Picnic baskets make an ideal treat for the guests in the hotel, they said, to help them further enjoy a relaxing holiday while soaking in the beauty of the sunset in one of the most iconic beaches in the entire world. The restaurant owners also explained how amazing it has been for them to get an idea of all the things hey can create by using only plants in their menu. They said that they wanted to showcase a wide variety of taste and flavor using fresh ingredients they sourced locally.

With the success that Eden restaurant has achieved during the summer, the owners said that they want to spread their love for all things plant-based to one of their favorite neighbors at the boutique hotel.

During the interview, the owners were also asked to elaborate not just their inspiration but the overall process of how they came up and developed the menu for the new picnic baskets. They answered that similar to the menu that they offer their customers at the Eden restaurant, and they made sure to build a list for the picnic baskets that are filled with innovative and fascinating options for all kinds of guests in the hotel.

Further explaining, the owners of the restaurant said that in a particular dish they created, they used smoked carrot. It was blanched and was marinated using nori flakes, lemon, and olive oil. It is then paired with cream cheese made using cashew nuts and fresh dill to replicate the delicious and delicate taste of the traditional smoked salmon lox bagel, they said.

The Eden restaurant owners explained that their food is created to be enjoyed and devoured by everyone. They said that the inspiration for their food offerings came from the travels they’ve had over the years as well as their personal experiences when it comes to plant-based cooking.

During the interview with Vogue Australia, the founders of the restaurant were also asked who they are hoping to enjoy the picnic basket selections they created and their vision for the baskets into a day at the beautiful Bondi Beach.

To this, they said that the picnic baskets would be available for all the guests staying at the QT Bondi boutique hotel. According to them, guests who love to lounge on the beachside, look at the ocean, and loves looking at the sunset will enjoy what they offer with the picnic baskets. Everyone looking for a nice break from a busy and hectic life and wants to experience how a true Bondi local sit back and relax on the beachside will also enjoy the baskets, they added.

Lastly, the owner of the ever-growing Bondi restaurant was asked about how they think the future of a plant-based diet will be in the country. They answered the question with so much hope, explaining that Australia is one of the rapidly growing markets when it comes to plant-based eating in the entire world.

According to them, a plant-based diet in the country is not only a trend. It’s also a lifestyle change that is there to stay. The two pointed out that the rise in the plant-based market in Australia is mostly due to people getting more conscious about their eating habits. People are becoming more aware of the impact of their diets on their health as well as the planet.

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