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Interested in Online Share Trading? Allow Us to Lead the Way Here!

Share trading is increasingly gaining popularity in Australia. People are selling and purchasing more shares on the Internet than ever before. The 2014 Second Half Online Broking Report of The Investment Trends polled 11,879 investors and share traders. They found out that the number of active online share traders surged to 595,000 in November from 585,000 in June. With these figures, we are sure that you are among these Australian consumers interested to trade shares online.

At, we can aid you in selecting the most optimal investment choices. Plus, we can help you navigate more than 2,000 business firms listed on the share market of Australia. As a comparison website, we can inform you about the trading platforms that provide consumers with outstanding value for money. You can read on to find out more about how you can tell apart online share trading platforms. Also, feel free to reach out to us for more relevant details!

Concept of Trading Shares via the Internet Explained

If you want to refresh yourself regarding the definition of online share trading, we want you to understand that it pertains to purchasing and availing shares or stocks in listed firms via the Internet. As technology has continuously evolved, you can now invest in the share market via your mobile phone or laptop with an Internet connection.

Remember that when you purchase a share in a business establishment, you get to become a shareholder. This benefit means you are now an owner of a small component of that listed firm. Moreover, if the business is well-performing, you will receive a share of its profits as a dividend. If you own the correct kind of stock, you will have the prerogative to vote during company meetings as well. Nonetheless, if the business establishment performs poorly, you would effectively lose the funds you invested. Plus, this scenario would happen if the shares you bought are not worth as much anymore.

Factors to Consider When Selling and Buying Shares

These days, the share market is a massive business. Tonnes of online share trading accounts are available. Also, you can get yourself involved in stock market trading in the comfort of your home. Are you interested in becoming a share trading professional? Then, we want to inform you regarding these three essential factors that you need to possess:


Having the right amount of funds is an essential requirement in share trading. Plenty of brokerage platforms would assign a minimum required amount for you to open an account. Beyond that necessity, you will have to consider the costs as well. Brokerage charges would eat up a substantial amount of your funds if you trade regularly. This scenario is also more possible if you trade with small amounts of money. Therefore, it is genuinely significant to select the right platform with fees that match your trading style.


We must inform you that active share trading is quite a demanding endeavour. If you wish to stay on top of the stock or share market, you will need to set aside substantial amounts of time. In this way, you will most likely execute flourishing trades. Furthermore, you can prevent making mistakes that can result in huge losses if you put your time, research, and thought into your trading activity, even if you are a mere casual investor.


Before you jump into share trading, you must understand the stock market. After all, the online trading of shares is risky financially. You surely do not want to witness your savings vanish just like that, do you? Hence, you will need a considerable amount of background knowledge. Also, we want to inform you that it is shrewd to utilise idle funds or the money you can afford to lose. Do not anticipate hitting all your marks as well because losses would be natural. The most important tip you need to remember is to make sure that your wins are more considerable than your losses.

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of the expression 'shares'?

Shares are a kind of investment. In the online share trading context, they represent part ownership of a company or business. Moreover, traders purchase and sell shares on the share or stock market. They perform this activity through a brokerage service or a broker.

How do you explain index funds, ETFs, and mutual funds?

When we speak of an ETF, this acronym pertains to an Exchange Traded Fund. This kind of investment comprises a significant number of shares and other types of investments. Similar to shares, traders swap ETFs on an exchange. However, ETFs offer investors more substantial exposure to the stock market, compared to a single share.

Meanwhile, an index fund is a type of mutual fund or exchange-traded fund. It tracks a particular index, which is a benchmark gauging a specific market’s performance. Also, index funds attempt to replicate the market index’s performance, instead of trying to outperform or beat it, like plenty of active investors do. It will help if you keep in mind that management fees are typically much lower since there is less involvement in the supervision of index funds.

Finally, the type of investment that pools funds from plenty of investors to invest in various assets, including shares, is a mutual fund. Portfolio managers operate mutual funds. On behalf of investors, they decide to pour the money on specific kinds of assets. Plus, portfolio managers monitor the assets’ performances. Mutual funds are dissimilar to ETFs because they get traded merely once per day, and not on an exchange.

What is the concept of 'bonds'?

Governments and firms issue bonds. If you invest in these fixed income instruments, you are lending your funds to the company or the government. You perform this measure with the anticipation that, at maturity, these entities will repay their loan amount and pay you interest at regular intervals.

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