Small Venture Owners Take Advantage of Job Losses due to COVID-19

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Small Venture Owners Take Advantage of Job Losses due to COVID-19

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SYDNEY, Australia – New ventures rise at the start of April, and business people had unanticipated advantages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the number of employment decreasing during the crisis, the affected people faced other opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic might give you a view that it’s strange to establish a business, yet Bertrand Hofman, a French chef, thinks it’s the best moment to take advantage of the drop.

After losing his work this 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Hofman had all the time to perfect his pastries. He spent his time wisely but working on his pies in the previous five months.

Part of Hofman’s dream is to own a business, and he wants to start a French patisserie. His target location was in Perth, which is a conurbation of Subiaco. He said that he was a little thankful after losing his job because he could plan for his venture. He’s able to plan the business that he’s been wanting to open.

Hofman is one of the opportunists who took advantage of the COVID-19 crisis. As per ASIC or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission displays the number of new venture processes, and it increased in the previous month. It boosted 34% in July 2019.

The data from ASIC displays that the total of business registrations was 48,128 in July. It’s higher compared to the data last year, July, which was 36,024. In 2018, it was 35,813, while the total in 2017 was 33,399.

The new venture names had a total of 253,529, which entrepreneurs registered from January and July. It was higher than the whole of last year, January 2019, which was 222,516.

When Hofman lost his career as a chef in a company he’s working with because of the pandemic. He found a chance to push his vision. He stated that the epidemic gave some unexpected advantages.

Hofman stated that it’s the best time to convey the terms and lease. He said that they agreed lots of stuff that he didn’t imagine doing before losing the job. He added that many ventures look forward to opening their shops, and it’s the best moment now because they can also save money.

Another Aussie, Erica Cooper, experienced losing her job as well. However, the COVID-19 pandemic began to drive her to start her venture as a textile artist. As per her, it’s something that she wanted to pursue before.

Cooper worked in Albany, and it’s a skill hire corporation. However, the company stopped operating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she’s performing a venture that provides classes about sewing and alterations.

She shared that she woke up, thinking about what she wanted to do. She decided to chase her aspirations. After enrolling in a business class, she got $10,000 from her retirement savings to start the business.

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