Sunrise Newsreader Dazes in a Magazine Photoshoot

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Sunrise Newsreader Dazes in a Magazine Photoshoot

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SYDNEY, Australia – Natalie Barr, a presenter of Sunrise TV Show, stuns in a magazine photoshoot that Stellar organized. Aside from posing in Sydney skyline, she shares about her life and career.

Natalie Barr, a newsreader of the top breakfast TV show in Australia, has been feeding screens with grace. For 17 years, she’s been a presenter of Sunrise, and now, she had a shot to pose as a model for Stellar’s magazine cover.

Barr posed for a series of shots, with the skyline of Sydney as the background. She shared things that have to do with her life, especially her family. She also opened up about her colleagues and career, and Stellar will feature it for the week.

Barr, a mother with two children, stated in her cover story how she was able to manage to keep out of them while having too much on her career as a newsreader. Despite stating headlines to a lot of Aussies daily, every morning, she’s able to manage by herself. She also said that she’s an average person.

Hunter, 15 years old, and Lachlan, 18 years old are the sons of the Sunrise TV newsreader.

Barr also shared to Stellar how she feels as if she’s living two lives. She has a TV life, and it’s where she gets to wear hairpieces and false eyelashes. On the other hand, the other part of her life was being a mother, like how others do. She even joked about paparazzi shots, where she said that her photo wouldn’t sell if a paparazzi gets a photo of her. She added that no one would have any interest in seeing her in her jeans as she walks into her house.

Stellar chose Barr to be the cover for the magazine because she’s revelling two significant milestones in her life. She’s celebrating her 25th year as a part of the Seven Network. Aside from that, she and her husband, Andrew Thompson, are also celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Aside from serving as a presenter in the TV Show Sunrise, Barr also co-hosts the show often after David Koch, and Samantha Armytage moved to a workweek of four days. She said that they don’t make it a big deal when two women are hosting. She also stated that they pride themselves because they can do the work.

Barr also added that it’s not a big deal regarding gender or who it is.

Armytage said that Barr is an accurate newsreader and an excellent communicator. She shared about Barr’s passion when it comes to the news cycle and news, and she explained how Barr also admired the exhausting cycle.

According to Armytage, Barr is persistent in pursuing to get the truth behind stories.

Barr opened up regarding the pressure she had, having to look perfect on the TV. She said that she’s unlike other people who care about looks.

She added that she keeps her body physically fit, and she didn’t have any Botox. On the other hand, she shared how she wears hairpieces fill her hair out.

Barr also joked that she’s glad how viewers don’t expect them to be 23 years old.

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