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When going on a holiday in an exotic destination, bringing a travel credit card with you is handy. This bank card opens you to a gateway of enjoyable possibilities while you take a breather from your daily routines. But there are, indeed, plenty of credit cards designed for travellers out there, and you may feel baffled with your choices. Do not worry, though because you have made it to the correct website.

We at can aid you in discovering that travel-friendly credit card. As a comparison portal, we permit you to search the credit card industry and identify the right match in mere seconds. You can narrow down your options, too. Is your holiday just a weekend away from home? Or is it an enviably extended stay? Our comparison service enables you to decide based on your international spending needs.

Furthermore, if you are keen on saving and going on a budget-friendly holiday, we can assist you by searching for the credit card that does not charge too much on international ATM, foreign currency, and overseas purchase fees. If you need more tips, guides, and other relevant details, we offer relevant information about foreign currency withdrawals, credit cards for travellers with low annual fees, differentiation of interest rates, and overseas shopping, too. Therefore, read on because, with, shopping, dining, hotel stays, and your overall holidaying experience will never be the same!

Benefits of Availing Credit Card for Travellers

For many Australian consumers, travelling is a leisure activity that offers a hands-on encounter to all the best things that the world has to offer. Travellers can enjoy tasting various foreign cuisines. They can experience visiting scenic locations as well. But as you become a regular globetrotter, you realise that it is convenient to get a travel credit card. This type of bank card consists of perks and built-in features. Lenders offer the credit card for travellers along with more travel benefits and cost-saving advantages, and you can relish these incentives when you pay using your card abroad.

Travel credit cards are helpful because you do not have to carry piles of cash. Moreover, you can enjoy free complimentary travel insurance when you are out of Australia. With your credit card’s worldwide acceptance feature and your service provider’s relationship with significant bank card providers like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, you can feel assured that millions of merchants worldwide will honour your mode of payment.

Your credit card also features social benefits. You can get discounted travel services and access to exclusive events abroad. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary concierge services that can assist you in booking a dining table at a five-star restaurant. If you want a budget-friendly travel experience, some credit cards for travellers also include top money-saving features, such as $0-overseas ATM charges and fee-free international transactions. Besides, you can enjoy travel credits and frequent flyer points. As you can see, the travel credit card makes things convenient, enjoyable, and cost-effective for you and your family. So we recommend that you get one today!

Frequently asked questions

Besides the credit card for travellers, what other money choices have I got when I go on tour?

When you are travelling, it is always a favourable idea to go on a tour with over one travel money choice. It is because it can provide you with more flexibility in your payment options. Besides the travel credit card, these three travel money options are popular:


Plenty of travel destinations may accept only cash, depending on where you are going. Therefore, it is convenient always to have some money in your wallet while you go sightseeing. Financial service providers like international money exchange agencies and banks are two of the primary selections you have got when it comes to converting the money you have into a foreign currency.


This travel money option involves you loading up cash with the currency or currencies that you require for your tour. Then, similar to utilising travel credit cards, you can use prepaid travel cards abroad for withdrawing money at ATMs, your shopping trips, and payment for meals. We must advise you that you might have to settle a small charge to regain any leftover money you have on the card during the conclusion of your tour.


Travel debit cards enable you not to spend the cash that you do not have, as compared to a credit card. They keep you out of debt, and plenty of them offer fee-free ATM withdrawals overseas, and zero-per cent foreign exchange fees. However, travel debit cards do not feature the earning of frequent flyer points or rewards.

Is the complimentary travel insurance that the credit card for travellers includes sufficient to cover my vacation?

High-end credit cards like platinum or rewards cards may feature standard extras such as complimentary travel insurance. Remember that these bank cards mean that you need to settle a hefty yearly fee for their services. Furthermore, most travel insurance policies of credit cards will cover you as the credit cardholder, your spouse or partner, and your dependent children aged 19 years old or younger. There are other aspects that the travel insurance cover of your credit card may include, which are:

a. Rental car excess

b. Flight cancellation

c. Cash cover

d. Stolen or lost luggage

e. Loss of salary

f. Medical cover

Although these items may tick all the boxes for plenty of global travellers, you should still contemplate carefully whether your bank card provides you with ample cover. Plus, you should consider whether an independent or standalone policy is a much better choice for you. Moreover, we must remind you to read the fine print beforehand. In this way, you can ensure that you comprehend the included and excluded aspects of the cover. Do not forget to activate the travel insurance cover before you leave for a holiday, too.

What should I differentiate in a credit card designed for travellers?

If you are all set to look for the ideal travel credit card, here are the features that you should tell apart:

a) Fees

We recommend that you keep your bank card away from ATMs. In this way, you can prevent a high cash advance charge. Also, we advise you to search for a credit card that does not charge annual and foreign exchange fees. In this way, you can save your hard-earned funds and enjoy your shopping sprees and dinners abroad.

b) Interest Rate

Getting a credit card with a low-interest rate will help you keep your outlays at the minimum. Also, it will help you trim down your interest bill. We must advise you that most credit cards with low-interest rates do not come with flashy benefits or rewards programs.

c) Other Benefits

When selecting your travel credit card, the opportunity to earn rewards points, complimentary travel insurance, and free lounge access can determine whether you should choose that bank card or otherwise. It all depends on your travel requirements

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