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Plenty of Australian travellers typically depend on a payment mix when they go on holiday abroad. These modes of payment include cash, travel credit card, and prepaid travel card. Moreover, are you aware that nearly every holidaymaker from Down Under possesses a travel debit card? This bank card in their wallets is ready to get pulled out for various transactions like ATM withdrawals and regular purchases. If you are interested to know which debit card for travellers is the correct fit for you when you are away, you have made the right decision in coming to our website. Here are three of our much-sought-after services:

  1. We aid you in comparing top debit cards for travellers.

We at can help you determine the appropriate travel debit card that suits your preferences and needs. As a comparison portal, we allow you to tell apart a range of these top travel bank cards and make a fast and informative decision.

  1. We assist you in saving more of your pre-earned travel money.

Holiday convenience is a natural priority of travellers. You surely do not want to return home from your vacation abroad severely in debt. At, we can aid you in enjoying a debt-free and flexible holiday by helping you discover the travel debit card on the market suitable for you. This perfect bank card provides fee-free convenience, correct foreign exchange rates, and adaptable and affordable overseas ATM withdrawals. Also, we permit you to find the fees and other overseas charges that you will need to settle with your existing debit card. Hence, you get to spend only the funds you have allocated for your tour, and you can feel assured that your pre-earned travel funds do not get squandered.

  1. We help you in keeping updated regarding your choice of traveller’s debit card.

It is our mission to aid you in staying well-informed through our online resources, including our news, guides, and tips. Our information service assists you in learning about the traps and advice that you should know before you fly for your next trip. Moreover, we tackle some of the most common queries that relate to travel debit cards.

As you can see, here at, we facilitate you in learning about your options in the world of debit cards for holidaymakers. In this manner, you can reduce your outlays and spend more on the exciting parts of travel, such as thrilling sightseeing, refreshingly tasty drinks, and delicious food!

4 Advantages of Utilising Debit Cards for Travellers

If you are embarking on a three-week tour of the Grand Canyon National Park and Yellowstone National Park in the United States, you can make your trip seamless with a travel debit card in your wallet. Here are four of the typical perks that this bank product can deliver to you:


Plenty of Australian banks-issued travel debit cards run on the Visa and Mastercard networks. This benefit means that you can utilise your bank card at a host of ATMs and checkouts around the globe.


A debit card for a traveller is a comfortable choice to take with you when you go on a holiday abroad. Furthermore, if you enjoy shopping online on foreign merchants, you can relish using this bank card, especially if it does not charge international transaction fees. Therefore, you will be able to buy products like clothes, shoes, and gadgets on the Internet without getting troubled with additional pesky charges.


Australian travellers depend on a travel debit card because they benefit from its nature of being a cost-effective solution, compared to when using a credit card. The debit card for travellers enables them to spend only their funds. Also, they can cut down on overseas ATM and international transaction charges seriously, depending on the card they select. Hence, if you are sticking to a tight budget while holidaying in California or Hawaii, you can make sure that your spending does not go overboard by opting to use a debit card for travellers.


If you feel concerned regarding your transactions overseas, you do not have to worry because your debit card designed for travellers offers security. Besides the perk of not needing to carry a pile of foreign money around, these bank cards that Australian banks issued have ties with Visa and Mastercard. Hence, you can enjoy the protection against unwarranted and fraudulent transactions, thanks to their special Zero Liability programs.

Frequently asked questions

If I lose my debit card for travellers abroad, what steps do I need to take?

If you happen to lose or misplace your travel debit card while holidaying, or worse, someone steals it from you, the most optimal courses of action you need to take are the following:

a. You should lock down your debit card for travellers.

You might be able to put a temporary lock on your bank card if you misplaced it. You can perform this action via your financial service provider’s application or online banking platform. Then, if you are lucky to retrieve your card, you can merely remove the lock or unlock it.

b. Cancel your traveller’s debit card.

Make sure that you get your travel debit card cancelled. This measure is the best course of action if you believe that it is unlikely that you will find your card again, or if it got stolen. Plus, you can perform this measure by contacting your bank directly as soon as possible. You can also utilise your financial service provider’s online banking platform and application.

c. Ask for a replacement card from your bank.

You are likely to need and request for a replacement card if you cancel your card after losing it or if someone stole it from you. This scenario is particularly true if you depend on your travel debit card for your holidays abroad. We must advise you that, although bank card providers generally do not charge a fee to dispatch a replacement card within Australia, you possibly will get charged to have it sent abroad.

Are debit cards for travellers free of charges?

Today, an increasing number of financial establishments are making debit cards for travellers more travel-friendly. They are eliminating ATM withdrawal and international transaction charges. We must inform you, however, that it depends on the bank card provider. Some of them may still require you to meet some basic requirements before you can enjoy the fee-free features of the traveller’s debit card they are offering.

As a traveller, how do I know if I can pay using my traveller's debit card abroad?

The majority of travel debit cards that Australian financial institutions issue have links to major bank card firms like Visa and Mastercard. Hence, you will be able to utilise your card at checkouts and ATMs around the globe wherever there is acceptance of Visa and Mastercard debit cards. Furthermore, you will know if your bank card will get honoured if you see the logos of these two leading financial services provider in cash registers and online shopping establishments. At, we have got a fee finder tool for debit cards which can help you determine how much money you need to pay and whether you can use your card or otherwise.

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