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Benefits Holiday-Makers Get from Availing Travel Insurance Policies

Travelling abroad for a holiday is, indeed, exciting. You get to explore thrilling, exotic destinations with your family members and friends. Moreover, you get to relish the sight, sounds, and cuisines that these pristine places offer. However, overseas travel is not always perfect because plenty of sudden unpleasant events can take place. Among these bumps that you could experience along the way are the need to cancel your tour at the final minute, losing your baggage, and suffering from food poisoning. Nevertheless, you can still regain your peace of mind and composure despite these misfortunes. It is because your insurance policy can rescue you. Here are six of the most common benefits of this type of financial protection:

  • CASH

Some travel insurance policies cover approximately $100 to $200 worth of cash. But keep in mind that most policy clauses demand you have possessed the funds on you at the time you got robbed.


End-supplier insolvency insurance would cover your pre-paid expenditures in an unusual time when your pre-paid travel agency, like airline firm or hotel, goes bankrupt. The cover would typically include airfare and accommodation.


Most insurance service providers provide emergency dental cover. However, you would have to take care of any outlay and on-going treatment once you have returned to Australia.


You would need to have personal liability cover because, while you are touring, you could get lawfully culpable for causing property destruction or injury to another person. This insurance would aid in settling for any expenditures involved. Hence, you should keep in mind that, while holidaying, accidents or unfortunate happenings could take place not just to you, but also because of you.


Most travel insurance plans cover any rental car excess. Therefore, if you are availing a leased vehicle on your holiday, see to it that you do not double up, and pay the car rental service provider additional reduction insurance.


You and your estate will get funds for loss of salary or repatriation during horrific instances that cause you to perish or become disabled permanently while you are on holiday.

As you can see, by availing an insurance policy for travellers, you get to equip yourself before you leave your home. In case some unanticipated and undesirable event takes place, your insurance plan will help you from suffering a massive monetary loss. Above all, you could get back on your feet faster.

Frequently asked questions

For which territories should I avail an insurance policy for travellers?

We must say that, regardless of your holiday destination and how safe that nation is, it is best to take out travel insurance. It is because you never know what unfortunate happening can take place while you are on your holiday. Therefore, if you have the right plan with you, you can get ready for any emergency, whether it is a medical treatment, a natural calamity, or a stolen or lost luggage. You surely need insurance, even in famous holiday destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom to safeguard yourself from any unexpected and unfortunate scenarios.

I am a pregnant holiday-maker. Will my insurance plan cover cancellation because I am expecting?

You can obtain cover if your tour cancellation is because of a complication that your situation caused. For example, you could get reimbursement if you get forced to cancel your tour one day before leaving. You can explain to your insurer that you needed to be in the hospital because your morning sickness and vomiting resulted in your severe dehydration.

What advice can you dispense so I can get rid of devious insurance traps?

When availing insurance policies for travellers, you will not get trapped by reading between the lines. Follow these seven tips:

  • Communicate your pre-existing health conditions to your insurer.

You must inform your insurance company regarding any pre-existing medical conditions that you might suffer from, so you can understand precisely how much cover you get during emergencies. Most travel insurance service providers cover several pre-existing health conditions, like high blood pressure and asthma. Meanwhile, there are insurance companies that exclude diseases, such as cardiovascular ailments and cancer. 

  • Inform your insurer regarding incidents fast.

When any incident takes place, we advise you to report it to your insurance service provider as soon as you can. In this manner, they would know about the claim you are going to make. Plus, you will be able to provide your insurer with the chance to tell you regarding any particular paperwork or evidence that you might have to submit. When you register your claim, these necessary proofs may include cancellation e-mails, receipts, police reports, and doctor’s charges.

  • Drink responsibly while on holiday.

Are you aware that your travel insurance service provider will not cover you if you get injured while under the influence of prohibited drugs or alcohol? Also, we should issue this caveat to you: Your insurer could deny refunding your claim if you hurt yourself while skiing and they discover you to be drunk that time.

  • Look into the excess.

We advise you to inquire into the policy, whether it demands you to settle an additional amount while you make a claim. This sum of money would not be the same for various plans based on the kind of claim, too. For instance, you might need to shell out just $200 for a baggage delay, yet $1,000 excess for a medical claim.

  • Avoid leasing unlicensed cars.

You may get covered for road accidents. However, when you are holidaying in a foreign country, and you damage a car that you do not have the permission to drive, and you get hurt, we must warn you that your policy will not cover it. Thus, do not drive a scooter in Bali if you do not have the license to operate it!

  • Go over your policy’s clause on excluded and included circumstances.

It pays always to read the fine print because some insurance policies might not include some situations, like pre-existing medical conditions. Hence, there could be instances when you might not even realise that you are already shelling out your hard-earned money for a service. For example, your insurance policy for travellers might be covering your vehicle rental insurance already, saving you that additional money.

  • Be aware of where you are going on a holiday.

One of the significant deciding elements for your selection of insurance would be the place where you will be holidaying. For instance, if you are going on vacation to the United States, you would require a comprehensive medical cover. However, if New Zealand is where you will be heading for a holiday, you do not have to spend additional money, and medical limitation would not be as important. You might be searching for a plan that covers adventure sports instead.

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