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When it is time for you to travel overseas for a holiday, you would surely feel tremendously excited. Your destination may be exotic ones and can include going on a safari in sub-Saharan Africa, or the academic and sophisticated locales like Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States. There are, indeed, plenty of thrilling holiday destinations that you can select from, and you will surely enjoy them. Plus, you will get recharged because you will finally obtain that well-deserved break from your daily routines and duties, such as your work and family obligations.

But with these excitements come your responsibilities – yes, financial responsibilities to be precise. Spending money is an innate part of overseas vacations. When you plan your travels abroad, you need to organise your money and deal with plenty of fees that you have to settle. However, there is no need for you to worry because you have come to the right website. At, we can help you with expert advice, research, and planning relating to finances and that going on holiday involves. Furthermore, we can aid you in selecting the appropriate holidaying money options. So, read on to discover how you can benefit the most from our services!

Ways on How Help Travellers on Their Finances

We at perform our very best to help you save your hard-earned funds. You can surely relish a delightful and unforgettable holiday without breaking the bank. In our portal, we let you compare travel money deals. We can aid you in navigating the high exchange rates and other charges that overseas vacations entail. Furthermore, we have got sections devoted to discussing and comparing prepaid travel cards, debit and credit cards for holidaymakers, international money transfers, and travel insurance, among plenty of others.

We have got a handy foreign exchange calculator, too. This online tool allows you to view what rates the Australian currency converters are offering on four of the leading international currencies well-known with Australian holidaymakers. They are the US Dollar, the British Pound, the New Zealand Dollar, and the Euro. All of these essential details are in an easy-to-read chart. Hence, you can determine fast if today is the best time for you to exchange your money for another currency.

At, we enable you to save your sweet time instead of having to trawl various service providers’ portals as well. Moreover, we specify all the hidden charges so you can make an exact comparison. Aside from helping you choose the best deal for travelling that can facilitate you to save money, we also work hard to keep you well-informed. Do you want to know how you can become a financially savvy holidaymaker? We have got abundant and educative online resources. You can find shopping bargains, discounts, and other useful details from our guides, news, and reviews. As you can see, we do our very best to assist you in getting the most of your vacation, leading you to discover deals you can choose from before you jet set.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of taking a prepaid travel card when on holiday?

A prepaid travel card involves you loading it with foreign cash before you head overseas for a holiday. You can use this type of bank card the same way as your debit or credit card. One of the perks of this bank card is it features security similar to your credit card. This benefit comes from the zero liability program of Mastercard or Visa. Hence, you can have that peace of mind of being protected against any fraudulent activities if your card gets stolen or misplaced. Another advantage with a prepaid travel card is you get PIN access, and it is, indeed, a convenient source of funds.

What are some pieces of money advice you can dispense to travellers?

If you want a hassle-free travel experience without the money worries, take a look at these financial tips when holidaying:

a. Inform your card service provider that you are going on holiday.

Bank card providers are continuously monitoring for any fraudulent activity on their clients’ cards. Therefore, they could decide to have your card deactivated if they view transactions on it in a foreign territory. Communicating with your service provider that you are going on a vacation for a while is helpful. In this way, when you get to your destination abroad, you can prevent getting left without access to your money.

b. Always pay in the currency of your destination.

You certainly do not want the foreign currency converted into Australian Dollars. It is because you will get charged a higher currency conversion rate than your bank’s. Hence, as a traveller, you should always settle your transactions using the currency of the country you are visiting. Plus, if a merchant asks if you want to pay in Australian Dollars, refuse immediately.

c. When you go on holiday, pack at least two travel money choices with you.

Disaster tales like travellers left cashless because of a stolen or a lost debit, or credit card are among the things you must avoid. Hence, you should take more than one vacation money option with you, such as a prepaid travel money card and a credit card. In this manner, with these financial backup cards in your wallet, you can have guaranteed peace of mind while you are on vacation.

d. Call your card service provider right away for any unauthorised transactions.

You should report any transactions that you believe you did not make to your bank immediately. In this way, you can make sure that you get covered against any fraudulent activities. Also, most cards for travellers come with the zero-liability policy security of Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX.

What downsides should I expect when using a rewards credit card on my holiday?

We must advise you that a rewards credit card features high annual fees with it. Hence, you will need to make sure that the value of the freebies and benefits outweigh this price. Nonetheless, rewards credit cards are an excellent choice for racking up points rapidly. Plenty of these bank cards come with an additional bonus point per $1 spent in foreign destinations. You will relish concierge, insurance for travellers, and other complimentary perks as well.

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