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Twitter is a news and social media networking service available in a multitude of languages to its users. The idea was first thought of in 2006 when one of its co-founders wanted to create a communication platform that had the same principles as SMS. 

The project was originally code named twttr, based on the five-character length of SMS short codes because the domain that the developers were interested in was already taken. Six months after the launch of twtrr the team managed to purchase the domain and change the service name to Twitter as was their original plan. 

The definition of twitter perfectly described what the developers wanted to create – a short burst of inconsequential information. Initially, tweets could only have 140 characters, the same limit that SMSs had, and the formula on which the idea was created. However, smartphones changed the relevance of this and the tweet limit is now set at 280 characters for most languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Users can send a second tweet if needed, but according to the company, the average tweet by users has 50 characters.  

Hashtags and @ soon became an integral part of the communications between users who were looking for ways to respond to tweets. Re-tweets were developed out of the need that users had to re-post a message. 

Trending topics are those that become popular because of the amount of times that they are mentioned on Twitter.  Many people that follow Twitter to keep themselves informed about events or to follow people of interest to them. 

Who are the founders of

One of the co-founders of is Jack Dorsey who was an undergraduate student at New York University when he proposed his ideas at a brainstorming session at Odeo, the podcasting company. The other three founders are part of the team working at Odeo, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone.  Williams and Stone were co-founders at Odeo and they gave Dorsey permission to spend more time developing the project. 

At first, the service was used internally at Odeo for its employees but was soon launched to the public on July 15, 2006. Its popularity increased when the Twitter team had the resourceful idea to place screens in the hallways of the South by Southwest Interactive conference in 2007and the attendees could keep tabs on each other. At the event, more than 60,000 tweets were sent daily, and with everyone talking about it, the service went viral. 

In the beginning, the service had quite a rough ride, but soon its popularity grew at an astounding rate. 

Where is the headquarters of Twitter, Inc?

The headquarters of Twitter, Inc are in San Francisco, California. When Odeo hit difficulties the founders of Twitter and other members of the team there assisted with the funding to buy it back, but Noah Glass was not included in the by-back. 

Twitter has changed the way people interact and public figures, including politicians use it to engage with their supporters. Television is also using it to interact with viewers. To date, the user account with the largest following is that of the former President of the U.S. Barack Obama who has 110 million followers. 

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