Uber in New South Wales Are Now Available, Wodonga Missed Out

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NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – Uber in New South Wales are now available, but creates an awkward situation for the people from cross-state cities such as Albury Wodonga.

Uber became available first in regional cities in Australia, such as Wagga Wagga and Shepparton, back in 2018. However, cities like Albury and Wodonga missed out on the opportunity. Based on previous reports, the two towns caught up in red tape issues in the state before.

The ride-sharing service was a lot controversial in the country before, mainly due to the anxiety and fear of Taxi companies about the competition that can offer a better experience for passengers.

But right now, it seems that the tide is changing following the recent announcement that Uber made. The ride-sharing service company stated that they would soon offer a more extensive reach for their services, going into the parts of New South Wales, which includes Albury.

However, the new NSW-wide service of uber comes with a catch. Only drivers that have NSW licenses can go and sign up to become Uber drivers.

While the widened reach of the ride-sharing service will be convenient for a lot of passengers, it might not be the same thing for Uber drivers. Passengers can book for an Uber from Albury to Wodonga if they want to. However, it means that Uber drivers will be driving back home to Albury by themselves after delivering their rides since they can’t pick up any potential passengers from Wodonga. This cross-state border issue might be affecting Uber drivers more than

Meanwhile, this kind of state legislation is unique only to cross-state cities like Albury-Wodonga. This issue will not affect Uber drivers around Melbourne or Sydney but will be a massive issue and broadly impact those who live on the border.

Starting March 3, 2020, Australians living around the New South Wales area can begin signing up to become an Uber driver through the official website or the app. Next month, April 2020, they will also start to turn on the Uber application and pick up passengers all over NSW, including cities like Albury.

New South Wales makes up 801,150 square kilometers of the country, which will be the most prominent geographical area that Uber will service from all over the world. The plans of the ride-sharing service company to bring out their offering to the regions in the NSW was brought in fruition as part of their efforts to help the drought and fire-affected areas get back on their feet.

According to a statement from the company, they heard and understood loud and clear what the locals in Armidale, Moruya, Jindabyne, and all over the state want, which is the service that Uber offers. The ride-sharing company also stated that once people start using their service, they will understand why what they offer to passengers is a lot better than using a Taxi.

For one, in line with the directive when it comes to new vehicles, passengers can make sure that they will get into a modern and properly maintained vehicle. Also, the ratings of every Uber driver is on the line, which provides another guarantee that they will ensure that their cars smell nice and are always clean. Uber compared these factors to the old-school and often run-down Taxis, citing how advantageous their service is for all Australian passengers.

Based on their statement, Uber also said that booking their ride-sharing service is even more convenient, modern, and far more superior than hailing taxi cabs. After signing up through the app, passengers will only need to enter their destination, and they will immediately get an estimate of the fare. Booking an Uber is also free, and there are no required unnecessary phone calls to operators that they need to do. After the booking is accepted, passengers will also get real-time updates on how long or how far the Uber driver is from wherever they are.

Passengers using Uber previously have had great experiences with the service. The Uber Driver app follows the most efficient route that is presented by Google Maps. Paying for the ride is also much safer for a lot of passengers, Uber said. There doesn’t have to be any in-vehicle transactions, and people don’t have to pay using cash. Once they provide their credit card details during the sign-up process in the app, they can get out of the Uber once they reached their destination. There are no worries about not paying for the ride, even if they don’t have any cash with them.

Uber also stated that based on their data, both local and international tourists prefer their ride-sharing service compared to other options. Their figures show that foreign people from over 80 countries who visit Australia regularly use Uber when traveling all over the country, both in cities as well as in further areas in Australia.

Also, both locals and foreign travelers in the country prefer booking an Uber compared to other options. It is mainly because of the cost of riding a Taxi substantially on the rise in recent years. Also, some Taxis are going through longer routes to reach the destination in chances of increasing the fare, which doesn’t sit well with a lot of passengers.

Meanwhile, Uber has become increasingly popular in the first two months of the new year. The ride-sharing service is now seeing around tens of thousands of local tourists from over 35 areas in the country using the Uber app to travel around the regions in NSW that already offer the service.

With the recent NSW-wide coverage of Uber service, the ride-sharing service market is about to pick up even further. It is also looking to help boost the income for a lot of local businesses in the area as more tourists get around towards wineries, pubs, and restaurants within the regions of NSW.

Based on the statement from Uber, their key focus is to make sure that the Uber app is ready for use by the public from the NSW South Coast to the Victorian border before the domestic tourism season will pick up in April. Also, Uber pointed out that the South Coast is among the top three regions in the state that was profoundly affected by the bushfires during the summer, and the new service will help pick up the traffic in the area.

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