Victoria Reports 627 New COVID-19 Patients – Blames Citizens Why

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Victoria Reports 627 New COVID 19 Patients Blames Citizens Why

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MELBOURNE, Australia – Victoria state records new COVID-19 infected Aussies as the second-highest day on July 31. The premier reproved people for escaping lockdown. Also, it highlighted the view of more complicated steps to contain the virus.

Victoria is the capital of Melbourne, and the state is below a reimposed stay-home order, which is six weeks. However, regardless of having the law for people in the area to stay inside, the new infection’s total reaches 627.

In the earlier day, the record tallied 723 infected people. As for deaths today, the state listed eight more, and the end of these led to the Novel Coronavirus. On the other hand, there’s a decrease in the number of deaths, coming from 14 to 8 deaths. Part of the record for the deceased are two men, and the estimated age is around 50s.

Victoria prided itself on a problematic method, which is the social distancing procedures. As of now, it accounts for over half of Australia, which are 198 deaths from the COVID-19. The 198 deaths are part of the 60% of the entire 16,9000 cases in Australia. New positive COVID-19-cases from Victoria include Melbourne, which is the second-largest city.

According to Premier Daniel Andrews, he explained that it’s clear for them to expect that the number of infected people is still too high. He also hoped that it’s necessary to take steps forward, and the details will define it. Also, they will let them know on the next level.

Defence and health officials are door-knocking all positive COVID-19 case within the state. However, they found one out of four Aussies who were not at home.

Now, the fine once the police referred to people with a face value of A$1,652 or S1,626 as the fine.

Victoria is about to avert the lockdown on August 19. However, the state analyses how the COVID-19 virus goes to one person to another person or the community. As per Andrews, there will be assistance.

Prime Minister Scoot Morrison stated that the increase in Coronavirus cases in the state stayed a challenge. However, the prime minister shared his confidence in the flare-up method, and it’s under the control of Sydney.

Morrison shared to 2GB radio, the community outbreak level, along with the community transmission in the state, is a challenge. He also said that there is a lot of work to do, yet most are unavailable.

New South Wales (NSW), which is Sydney’s capital, controlled the virus due to improved contact outlining than Victoria, which is its neighbour. As for this state, it listed 21 new cases.

There’s a prohibition on people travelling from Sydney to northern Queensland state. Now, the setup of starts on Saturday at 1:00 AM, along with image traffics at the border of NSW-Queensland that started flowing on Friday, July 31, on social media.

Sydney is over 800 kilometres from the border of the state. It’s home to two-thirds of the 7.5 million residents of NSW.

According to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk from Queensland, there might be delays, and she advised people to think about travel plans while waiting.

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