What is a 28 Degrees Mastercard?

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Read more about this no annual fee credit card offered by Latitude Financial Services. This card is designed for overseas use, so if you like traveling or shopping abroad, it may be worth considering it.

Find the Perfect Credit Card for You

Did you know that Australians waste millions each year on unnecessary credit card charges? By comparing the most up to date offers and switching to another provider, you can start saving today!

The 28 Degrees Mastercard is a no annual fee credit card offered by Latitude Financial Services. This card is designed for overseas use, so if you like traveling or shopping abroad, you can consider it.

The features then? Well, the card has an interest rate of 21.99 percent on purchases and cash advances, and the minimum credit limit is $6,000. You also get up to 55 interest-free days on purchases after receiving your card. Keep in mind it has a late fee of $30, and paper statements are available at $2.50.

Before applying for the card, it’s essential to know all the vital details beforehand.

Is 28 Degrees Credit Card Good?

Well, the 28 Degrees can be a great option if you look at the benefits. Generally, it depends on your specific needs and how the card can fulfill them. Some of the benefits of getting this card include:

  • No annual fees
  • No international transaction fees
  • No currency conversion fees
  • Free Global Wi-Fi 
  • Free emergency card replacement
  • Features Flight Delay Pass that covers five people in total
  • Offer Shoppers Protection option
  • Free repayments using the “transfer from my” bank option

For a frequent traveler, these benefits are great. But you may also want to weigh them against the fees and rates offered by the card. For example, it has a purchase and cash advance rate of 21.99 percent per year.

How Do I Withdraw Money from My 28 Degree Mastercard?

You can withdraw money from any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard. However, keep in mind that there are countries that don’t accept Mastercard, including Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and North Korea. Be sure to check before you travel.

Depending on your credit limit, you can withdraw up to $1,000 per at an ATM and up to $3,000 per day over the counter. Bear in mind that the amount might be less depending on the country you’ve traveled to; some banks have lower limits.

Since the card has zero international transaction and currency fees, you only need to know the cash advance fee, which is 3 percent of the cash or $4 (whichever is greater).

How to Apply for the Card

You can easily apply for the card online within 10 minutes and get a response within 60 seconds.

You must be 18 years of age and a permanent resident of Australia. During the application, be sure to provide your passport, driver’s license, or proof of age. You’ll also need to give details of your debts, assets, income, and employer.

After approval, you’ll get the card within 5 to 10 business days.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a flexible international card, the 28 Degrees Mastercard is hard to beat. It offers great features and less fees, which are some of the critical factors to take into account when shopping around.

Still, your options are not limited. It’s advisable to compare several cards to the 28 Degrees to help you make an informed decision. Tools like Mate.com.au have made comparing and picking credit cards easier than before.

You may want to consider alternative options. These include the Citibank Plus Transaction Account and the ANZ Travel Adventures Platinum Credit Card. To get good rewards in the same category, the Coles Rewards Mastercard is a worthy competitor. Also, don’t forget about the Macquarie Classic/Platinum Transaction Account.

The alternative choices are many – so do a comparison to see what how the latest competing card features stack up.

Another good question.. YES you can preload the card. So arrive cashed up in any foreign location and enjoy your shopping spree without facing any delays, as opposed to transferring cash to your card at lastminute.

Yes. You can easily withdraw cash with a purchase over the counter or at the ATM. But the advance fee can range between 3 and 5% so it is not exactly cheap.

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