Woolworths.com.au is the website for Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia. Through this website people can purchase groceries online and then pick them up from the supermarket or the goods can be delivered to their homes.

The website has a catalogue that customers can view, and through which they can shop directly, search for products and recipes, check out their goods and pay online. To begin the purchase the customer has to enter their postcode so that they access the supermarket closest to them. 

Customers can choose to pick their goods. For this to work for them they have to purchase by 11am to give the store employees time to compile the order. When they finally arrive to pick up their groceries, they are expected to have their order confirmation number and their ID. Customers can pick up their goods inside the store or use the drive-thru service in which the groceries are brought to the car. It should be noted that this service is available at 1,000 stores and is not available at some stores.

Individuals can also choose delivery which is available 7 days per week nationwide for a fee. The delivery fee depends on the value of the purchase. Bulk orders (over 250kg) require additional delivery fees due to handling problems. Customers can order by 6pm for next day delivery. They can get free delivery for their first online purchase and for all purchases over $300. They can also subscribe to Woolworths’s new Delivery Unlimited service in which they can get as many free deliveries as they want in a month for all purchases over $100. They can try this subscription for free for 30 days then, if they like it, they pay the monthly subscription fee. After purchase, customers can track their deliveries online and know when to expect them. They can opt for their goods to be delivered in their absence and be left unattended.

Businesses can also purchase their grocery needs online and get them delivered just like individuals. Whether this is for month to month needs or for an office party, woolworths.com.au will deliver the groceries and catering platters. 

Woolworths.com.au is the place where the supermarket shares information about new products, top recipes, weekly and holiday special prices and promotions. It also has a news and articles section that keeps customers informed about their products and seasonal produce.

Can individuals promote woolworths.com.au?

Woolworths.com.au has an affiliate program for people who love its high-quality food and great customer service. Interested parties can apply online to become affiliates and they get an affiliate link. Then they promote the woolworths.com.au and its services, specials and promotions on their own websites. They earn commission each time a customer purchases through the affiliate link. 

Who owns woolworths.com.au?

Woolworths.com.au is owned by Woolworths Supermarkets which is owned by the Woolworths Group which was founded in 1924 in Australia and commands 80% of the Australian market. The CEO of the Woolworths group is Brad Banducci and the managing director of Woolworths Supermarket is Claire Peters. 

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