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YouTube is the website that allows its users to upload and view user generated and corporate media videos. This includes video clips, clips from TV shows, music videos and many other types of live streams and educational videos. 

Media corporations like CBS and the BBC do offer material as part of the YouTube partnership program, but the majority of the content uploaded is from individuals. Registered users to YouTube can upload unlimited videos and can also add comments, whereas unregistered users can only watch these videos. 

There has been criticism of YouTube over the years and these have included copyrights, algorithms that allow video perpetuating, violent or sexually explicit content and policies on advertising. 

Who are the founders of YouTube? 

The idea for YouTube was developed early in 2005 and its domain name, was activated on February, 14, 2005. Its three founders are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim (who was the first person to upload a video on the site) and they were all former employees of PayPal. Hurley was a design student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, while Chen and Karim had been together at the University of Illinois, where they studies computer science. 

Stories on where the idea first came from for the creation of YouTube abound, but the concept was that video clips could be shared. Hurley and Chen have said the original idea was influenced by the website Hot or Not and was for an online dating service that had videos. 

The startup was funded by venture capital with investments from Sequoia Capital and Artis Capital Management and the first video to reach one million views was a Nike advertisement featuring soccer star Ronaldinho, uploaded in November 2005 and by the time of its official launch in December 2005, YouTube had 8 million views a day. 

Where are the headquarters of YouTube? 

The first headquarters of YouTube were above a pizza shop and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California and its market recognition was still low. When they unofficially uploaded a skit from Saturday Night Live the NBC-Universal show, YouTube had 5 million collective views. Even though they were forced to remove this by the channel, people started to recognize that they could use the website to not only create content but to also share content, and from there on its growth was rapid. 

Today the headquarters for YouTube are at 901Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California and Susan Wojcicki is its CEO. 

Google Inc. acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in Google stock in a deal that was finalized in November, 2006. Google does not provide figures for YouTube’s running costs or revenues, but some market experts estimated that in 2013 its revenue was close to $5billion. 

One of the major concerns for the company is the abuse of the site’s features and it has taken measures to prohibit videos of sexually explicit content, animal abuse, hate speeches, copyrighted content, spam, and predatory actions. They try and prevent these by offering messages to users and accounts can be deleted for continued infringements. Inappropriate videos can only be watched by those confirming that they are over the age limit of 18. Some countries have placed a complete block on YouTube, each one for a variety of reasons and some block certain videos. In the majority of the world it is available or accessible. 

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